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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

I love Swami Ramdev as a leader. I am not his disciple, nor a follower but an admirer as a human being. To start with I must say that Swami Ramdev has alleviated human suffering and physical hardship, not forgetting mental pain, as no one did in the recent past. He is humane. He is a patriot.
Some doubting Thomases and men and women owing allegiance to foreign philosophies and regimes in neighbouring countries went all out to malign the Sanyasi and levelled all kinds of fictitious allegations but had to bite the dust eventually.
Why are some men and women owing allegiance to foreign philosophies against the Yoga Guru? Is it personal jealousy? Is it ideological bitterness? May be, some multi-national companies selling drugs and soft drinks in India found their business crumbling and lured some hungry politicians to launch a frontal attack on the Swami. Their attacks, numerous of them, failed miserably. The Swami not only survived but came out of the battle with added vigour and now commands a larger following. The miserable attackers ,after biting dust, are now licking their wounds.
Some pseudo-secularists attack the Yoga Rishi and think they are attacking the followers of the Hindu Dharma. They are the cowards who defend the morbidity of painters and writers who are enemical to tenets of the Vedic Dharma. Swami Ramdev Ji stands for and defends the Vedic Dharma. hence there is a direct confrontation. The ever smiling Sanyasi has been victorious so far and is sanguine of victory in future too.
Entering politics is not Swami Ramdev's passion. He is doing so to cleanse the political muck and corruption that is eating into the vitals of this great nation. he will not enter into the fray as a candidate. His Bharat Swabhiman, it may take a political form now, will field candidates who have a clean image. Raise the moral standards, bring back the Indian money illegally amassed in the foreign banks and make Bharat a strong nation economically, politically and morally - these are some of the aims of the Bharat Swabhiman movement.
May Param Pita Parmatma keep swami Ramdev Ji on the path of progress for ever.

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Dear Sawantji,

Dear Sawantji, Swami Ramdevji has taken up tough task and likely there is going to be lot of resistance from all political parties and each of selfish/self interest oriented politicians.Bharat Swabhiman movement requires all members of society irrespective of religion/caste .This movement needs whole hearted support from all INDIANS who like to see once again INDIA AS GOLDEN BIRD in our life.
Can we look into formation of TASK FORCE from behalf of ARYA SAMAJ to help the movement in achieving its mission.