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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Arya Maha Sammelam Samapan Samaroh

An Eye Witness Account:
By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

Indeed an international show it was. Hosting Aryas from 21 countries besides from the states of Bharat was no joke. Men and women , not forgetting children- from teenagers to tiny-tots, hailing from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, lived together and listened to soul-touching music and Vedic discourses in furtherance of the Aryan ideals. They all had love for the teachings of Swami Dayanand Saraswati and were in no mood to brook any tampering with his writings and the Thought. Persons attempting to derail the mission of Dayanand were dubbed as mischief-mongers, irrespective of the shade of clothes they wore. Captains and commoners, laymen and literati condemned wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The Arya Apravasi Bhartiya delegates held sway over the podium on the penultimate day. They recounted their experiences and those of their ancestors in the adopted lands in a language and tone that moved our hearts. Some listeners broke into tears. The Surinam Indians sang Bhojpuri songs to describe how they rose from rags to riches. Mahashay Uday Narain Gangu of Mauritius narrated how the Arya Samaj there launched a literacy campaign among the Indian labour class to enable them to register as voters for the national elections. Its success brought the Indian community to the corridors of political power. They did not have to look back thereafter and are now politically privileged people, thanks to the Arya Samaj. Girmitiye(contracted labourers under an agreement) to Prime Minister is indeed a success story of the Arya Samaj written in letters of gold.

Pt Ram Lall Ji of America announced with aplomb that the Arya Samaj there will host the next Arya Maha Sammelan in New York City. He drew an applause. The delegates from rural Nepal asked us to wake up to the dangers of a diabolic Islamic design to change the religious character of the world’s only Hindu State. Here is a job cut out for the International Aryan League provided they rise above internal bickerings and faction fights. The less said the better. The New Zealand Aryans too had a success story to tell that was as fascinating as Cindrella's. No wonder the session spilled over to the final day of the samapan samaroh. We loved it.

Chaudhari Bhupinder Singh Hoodda,yes that is the name of the gentleman who is presently Chief Minister of Haryana and,of course, our Chief Guest at the closing ceremony. Both the compere and the world-famous Arya leader,Dr Ram Prakash introduced him to the audience in glowing terms. We were thrilled to learn that Arya Samaj had given his grand father,Chaudhri Mangtu Ram, the proud privilege to wear a janeyu. When the ponga-panthi pundits objected to it, Mangtu Ram Ji , with Aryas’backing, rode roughshod over it saying that he would part with the janeyu only after being beheaded. The audience cheered lustily. The Chief Minister said that he was proud to belong to the Arya Samaj. He also made a grant of Rupees five lacs to the Arya samaj for a social project that might be undertaken. Everyone enjoyed the proceedings except the black cat commandos who were warily looking for lurking terrorists to pump the bullets into their bodies. Fortunately none was around.

The Rashtra Raksha Session on the morning of 28th October was a memorable one. Arya Naresh, who is identified because of his erudition, dress and demeanour walked away with the cake of the session. His scathing attack on the separatist mulla-led Muslims went well with the audience. He exhorted the fellow Indians to beware of the hidden enemy and eliminate him at the earliest opportunity. On being congratulated on his brilliant exposition, he said that our leadership was indeed Napunsak. People around nodded approvingly. Some speakers were lost in the semantics of grammar and the compere had to remind them time and again that they were running out of time.

When called upon to present my paper, I quoted profusely from chapter six of the Satyarth Prakash and said that defence of the nation was a continual task that could not be relegated to weekends. Our Generals made that mistake in Kargil and the Paki enemy intruded into our motherland and remained entrenched for months before we woke up. Thanks to our young officers and Jawans we could win the territory back. The cost in terms of young lives was tremendous. May God grant us wisdom to remain alert and thwart the cunning enemy’s diabolic design. We must always nip the trouble in the bud, I summarised.

Capt Deo Ratna Arya presided over the krinvanto Vishwamaryam session, notwithstanding his physical disability. In fact he attended all the sessions and it was commendable. Shri Satyanand Ji Munjal of the Hero Honda group was the Chief Guest of this session. His presence was indeed inspiring. Dr Mahesh Vidyalankar delivered the keynote address, as good as ever. A number of eminent Aryas from around the world were felicitated for dedicated service to the cause of the Arya Samaj. Shri Ram Nath Sehgal, the ever smiling tall Arya leader and Shri Udaya Narain Gangu Ji were among the ones felicitated. Shri Mohan Lal Ji Mohit and Shri Onkar Nath Ji were felicitated posthumously for the yeoman's service rendered to the Vedic Dharm. A vote of thanks was proposed by Shri Prakash Arya, mantri Sarvadeshik Arya Pratinidhi Sabha.

Before I sign off for the day it would be appropriate to mention that bhajan singers like Satya Pal pathik, Havan Brahna like Dr Annapoorna and Ved Bharti Ji, Arya Veer Dal swyamsevaks under Swami Devvrat ji and hosts of Arya volunteers under their respective pradhans and mantris were always at their posts carrying out the allotted tasks. Be it the bhojanshala or the toilets or the gates, Arya Veers were alert and on the job. Commendable indeed. There were many who worked day and night for the grand success of the world Jambooree but remained anonymous like the foundation stone of an edifice. Hats off to them.

Last but not the least the role of audience is worth appreciating. They sat patiently and listened to all that was spoken, ungrudgingly. The peals of peanuts present all around in the junta segment of the spacious pandal bore a witness to what they underwent. Moral of the story is : Let there be music between spoken words of speakers. Let the number of lecturers be limited to fit into the time frame so that the compere is spared the verbal torture of repeating “just two minutes for you,sir. Gagar mein sagar bhar deejiye or words to that effect should be few and far between. Of course, shanka samadhan session was a roaring success. The new, young and vibrant sanyasi, Swami Vivekanand Ji of Rojad,Gujarat handled it with aplomb The number of doubting Thomases was definitely reduced if not eliminated. More of such sessions would be welcome in halls meant for serious chats of this nature.

Never a dull moment from morning till evening, nay night. The International Arya Maha Sammelan commenced on 26 October and finale was done on 29 October 2006. The period of four days passed into history before one could say Jack Robinson. Indeed young Aryas made history that would be written in letters of gold by the posterity. Our children’s children will read it and feel proud of it.

The yoga and Pranayam sessions were very popular, thanks to the awakening and health consciousness created by Swami Ram Dev Ji. The Arya Nagar was always bustling with some activity or the other – all meaningful and gainful. The bouquets go to Brahmachari Raj Singh Ji and his dedicated team of young Aryas who have proved to the world that the Arya Samaj is alive, vibrant and ever on the move. May Param Pita parmatma lead the Arya Samaj on the path of progress ever and ever.

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Namastey All the Aryagans

All the Aryagans who had worked for the success of the Sammelan deserved the best regards for their efforts.
My childrens who have seen such big function of Aryasamaj for the first time are also very happy and encouraged.Tribals from far off places shows the great efforts of organisers.
However I don't understand the reasons behind absence of media and high profile Political leadership.Do they have appointed any press secretary to send breefing to the press.
Kindly advise.
Naveen Arora