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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


May I know what has happened to "ARYASAMAJ FORUM WISE" website. On that earlier Sri Shishya and others were contributing lot many useful matters on Arya samaj & Swami Dayananda. But for almost couple of years irrelevent mails / messages are appearing on that web forum. It appears no body is controlling it.

Pl inform its status - if known to you. Or advise concerned persons to monitor it properly.
= Bhavesh Merja

Mr Bhavesh, I have also

Mr Bhavesh, I have also noticed that there is no control on posting details on site ARYA SAMAJ Forumwise . Can we request Mr Anand Bakshi to take care of FORUM and control the same.
Respected Anandji, please consider our request and confirm.

Namestey Ramesh ji, I

Namestey Ramesh ji,
I don't think anyone can take control and administer the forumwise site unless its current admin gives permission to do so. I checked out the site and it seems that the current admin is either not available or is incapacitated to administer the site.


It is very true Something

It is very true

Something bad or wrong is happening there!

It was a very good web site with pure vedic wisdom

I do not know what happened to the Administrator - Shishya ji
How can such are pure and dedicated person can be non-available.

Those who know him personally, please get in touch with him.
Please ensure that he is safe and healthy.
We need to ensure that these courageous aryasamaji's are safe.



i am making a new forum as

i am making a new forum as aryasamaj.forumwise is dead now!

i am making a new forum and would request you all to supply your valuable content there!

मैं कुछ

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