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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Maharishi Dayanand

Maharishi Dayanand
Part 1
Poem By Tilak Grover

Maharishi Dyanand writings and his work reveal,
That he was a brave person and a man of steel.
In Indian society he brought about reform after reform,
In religious debates with Pundits he did outperform.
He had fervor and zeal to fill his dream,
When he won debates on Vedic Dharma,
His arguments made so called Vedic scholars virtually scream
He broke the barrier of the dark ugly past,
Which had hideous system of the class or caste
Never did Maharishi accept the distinction of caste,
Nor did he accept the falsified interpretations of the Vedas
He had strong mind set to establish the society called Arya Samaj
Based on the ten main principles of Arya Samaj,
Which allowed untouchables to be its Samaj member
The society of the people having excellence and integrity
And the society members having no class distinction and no disparity
The man of steel could not budge from the true meaning of Vedas
he challenged phony pundits on their falsified versions of Vedas.
In the ocean of deep oppositions he did wade through
He talked simple and straight
and called a spade a spade too.
In his life he had many ups and downs
But the negative people could not let him down.
His bubbling zeal had fuel and fire to move onward
In his leadership Arya Samaj flourished straight forward.
His mind was like a running modern computer
Never let any deadly virus infiltrate into his mental computer.
Swami hard life had left us indelible impression in our mind
beloved son of India had a intense love and patriotism for the motherland
He was the best friend and Guru of Modern times in nineteenth century band
His enthusiastic spirit created many brave heroes in our land
Swami Sharda Nand and beloved Lekh Ram of Panjab
The author of Rangila Rasool Lala Lajpat Rai, the lion of Panjab
Who sacrificed their lives for Arya Samaj and dear motherland
He stirred the languid India society rekindling the fire and zeal
Putting the Arya society on moving true Vedic wheel.

Very selected and to the

Very selected and to the point true words.
Great .
Regards,Naveen Arora