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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Pay Homage to Mahasay Rajpal ji on his Martyrdom day on 6th April!

By Sh KM Rajan Arya


Namasthe to all!

Dear Friends! Arya Samaj has moulded many unsung heroes who laid down their life for the cause of Vedic dharma. Mahashay Rajapalji was one among them. He was an ardent follower of Maharshi Dayanand and vigorously propagated his teachings.

He established `Arya Pusthakalay’ and `Saraswathi Ashram’ and spearheaded the missionary movement by publishing inspirational books. Mahashayji had successfully published the historical book `Rangeela Rasool’ written by the well known Arya Scholar Pt Chamupathiji. This book has created an electrifying effect in Punjab and northern India. Mahatma Gandhi wrote an article in `Young India’ criticizing this book and advocated for banning it by the influence of some muslim fundamentalists. The British Govt has banned it and later the Honourable Court gave its Judgment in favour of the Publishers. But when Rajpalji was returning home after hearing the Judgment he was attacked with knife by a fanatic named `Ilamudheen’ on 06 Apr 1929 at Anarkali Bazar in Lahore. He became martyr for the cause of Arya mission. But the publishing works and propagation of Arya Samaj ideals did not stop there. The Aryapustakalay established by Mahashayji is still doing a commendable job of publishing vedic books (Rajpal and Sons, Kashmeri Gate, Delhi). Dear Missionaries! Let us pay homage to this dedicated Arya Missionary and take a pledge to continue his unfinished mission on the occasion of his martyrdom day.

Thanks and Regards,

KM Rajan

Sh.KM Rajan Arya ji- We are

Sh.KM Rajan Arya ji- We are greatful to you for giving us infomation about Mahashya Rajpalji and remembering him on this day .His sacrifice for great cause about spreading message of Veda gives us encouragement to carry forward the mission started by great soul. I like to pay homage to great soul on this day.
Further, criticism and recommending ban of Rangeela Rasoola by Gandhi was expected as he was favouring other community in view of political interest.


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