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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


By Brig. Chitranjan Sawant,VSM
Human beings who learn Yoga today and are benefitted by it stand beholden to Maharishi Patanjali who gave us the knowledge of Ashtang Yoga or Eight-Stage endeavour to realise the Supreme Being.

By the way, Yoga is not a mere physical exercise. Yoga is a synthesis of body, mind and soul. Another myth that should be exposed is: Yoga is for the fair sex who wish to be in shape as that would help them in husband hunting. Yoga is for both men and women, not excluding adolescents and children of an age where they understand their thought and action. Yoga classes are not expensive. It is affordable by a family that keeps the fire burning in the kitchen.


In order to gain knowledge of the Principles and Practices of Yoga, one has to be a devotee.Go to the Guru with a sense of reverence and obey his or her instructions in letter and spirit. Never, not even for a moment, think that the Guru or the respected teacher draws his sustenance from the fees that you pay. A devotee should bring forward his doubts to the Guru to be dispelled at an appropriate time. Dedication to the Guru and to the Muse will take a devotee closer to the goal - Learning Yoga.
Concentration of Mind on Learning and Problem Solving will, ipso facto, come to the devotee as he or she makes progress in the learning process. Mind is the Man. If a devotee is able to control his mind and not let it wander all over the world, he would win half of the battle. The other half will be won with practising the Asanas of the Eight-Fold Yoga.


If an individual has practised the Yoga Asanas faithfully and continually, he and she are bound to reap the harvest. The body will be back in shape, the mind clear and the will power to achieve the aim stronger. It is the cumulative gain of practising yoga. One may be a good practitioner of the Yogic Asanas and also concentrate on a problem to seek and find a solution without a knowledge of the Sanskrit language. However, I hasten to add that knowledge of Sanskrit is helpful in unfolding the mystries of the universe when a devotee transcends the mundane world to enter the Spiritual One. One can always learn sanskrit at any age of life and be conversant with the language in a short period of time.
AUM - that is what a devotee chants while bringing the mind back from wandering in new pastures. Its sound, its vibrations, its reverberations help a devotee in concentration. AUM is the name of the Almighty as given in the Vedas. One need not be a practising Hindu to chant AUM. Any human being may learn its pronunciation and practise it himself sitting in the correct posture in a clean place in the house, in the garden or in a park.The result in the form of concentration of mind would be forthcoming sooner than expected.


The Ashtang Yoga or the eight-stage Yoga to realisation of the Supreme being runs thus:
Yama,Niyam, Asan, Pranayam,Pratyahar,Dharana, Dhyan, Samadhi.
In a nutshell one can say that a devotee has tofollow some rules for upliftment of the self as an individual, as a member of the social set-up, sit in a correct posture, control one's breathing, controlling one's sensual organs, establishing godliness in one's inner self, meditating on godliness and eventually attaining the Ultimate - realisation of the Almighty. It is called Ishwar Pranidhan. Of these eight stages, it is the fourth stage, PRANAYAM, that is making waves all over the world.
Swami Ram Dev Maharaj has created an awareness in the Ashtang Yoga both in the West and the East. Millions of men and women have benefitted from the mass camps organised by him. Let us take a look at PRANAYAM and see how to practise it.

Anulom-Vilom is the name of the simplest form of Pranayam that one can learn. Just close the right nostril with three fingers of the right hand and inhale deep breath through the left nostril. Without holding the breath in the lungs, just exhale it through the open right nostril while closing the left one with the thumb of the right hand. Let this inhaling and exhaling be repeated a few times. it may be done for five minutes or so. A devotee may do it along with other forms of Pranayam daily. Continuity is an important aspect of achieving the desired result.

KAPAL BHATI - that is the name of another simple form of Pranayam. One should sit erect on a Kushasana or on a blanket cross legged, spine erect, mind concentrated on AUM and after attaining calmaround, one may throw all the air inside lungs through both nostrils forcefully. Thereafter inhale in a natural manner until the lungs are inflated again. Practise exhaling forcefully through both nostrils, inhaling through both nostrils naturally and repeat the procedure for about five minutes or so and the desired result will be ACHIEVED.

Asanas are to be seen in a Yoga class and learnt under the guidance of a Guru. ALL WILL BE WELL.


ॐ..चरण स्पर्श आर्य्यवर ! आपका लेख अच्छा है किन्तु कुछ त्रुटियाँ हो गई है । [1]-महर्षि पतञ्जलि प्रथम योग गुरु नहीं थे । ये तो आप जानते थे।
[2]-आपने कहा - "Just close the right nostril with three fingers of the right hand and inhale deep breath through the left nostril."
[3]-ये KUSHASANA कौन सा आसन है? किञ्चित यह sukhasana होना था।
मैं धृष्टता हेतु क्षमा माँगता हूँ। पर यह लेख त्रूटिपूर्ण है।

AUM Namaste Arya Basant Ji.

Namaste Arya Basant Ji. Lekh per tippani ke liye dhanyavad. Sujhao manya hai.
Kush se bane aasan ko anek vidwat janon ne Kushasan kaha hai. Aap ne kaha Sukhasan - jo baithne ka saral aasan hai. Dono shabd alag alag arth batate hain.
Aap Pranayam karte rahiye, phal awashya milega.
Chitranjan Sawant

ॐ..aaah! Mujhe kshama kar

ॐ..aaah! Mujhe kshama kar den aaryyavar ! Mujhe is tarah aapke lekh ki truti nahi nikalna tha. Main moorkh hun.

Respected Sh.Sawant ji,

Respected Sh.Sawant ji, Details about ASHTANG YOGA of MAHARISHI PATANJALI are really informative and useful.
I have been doing yoga /pranayam particularly KAPAL BHATI and Anulom Vilom for last one year(after retirement) along with other physical exercises and the same is very beneficial for health.

AUM Aadarniy Ramesh Ji,

Aadarniy Ramesh Ji, Namaste.
Lekh ki sarahna ke liye dhanyavad. Yeh jaan kar prasannta hui ki sewa nivritti ke pashchat aap ne Pranayam aarambh kiye aur aap ko laabh hai. Karte rahiye, aur bhi laabh hota rahega.
Chitranjan Sawant 17 May 10

subodhkumar अति

अति उत्तम विषय का आरम्भ आदरणीय सावंत जी ने किया है.
दो ऐसे विषय प्रस्तुत करना चाहता हूं जिन पर सामान्यत: कम ध्यान जाता है.
प्रथम तो मतमतांतरों पूजापद्धतियों के जंगल मे खोया मानव यदि केवल अष्टांग योग धारण करता है केवल यम और नियम के पालन से ही मानव धर्म अपनाता है, आर्य कहलाने योग्य बन जाता है. इस मानव धर्म मे चाहे कोई अपने किसी भी इष्ट देव की धारणा करे कम से कम मानव धर्म से पथ भ्रष्ट हो कर आसुरिक व्यवहार को त्याग देगा.

दूसरा विषय प्राणायाम से सम्बंधित कृयाओं की महिमा से जुडा है. और इतना आधुनिकतम वैज्ञानिक है कि इस स्तम्भ के सब बंधु उसे एक स्वतन्त्र विषय के रूप मे टिप्पणि कर पाने के लिए भी देखना चाहेंगे. Engineering में हर निर्माण में एक Factor of Safety का अतिरिक्त स्थान रखा जाता है . प्रभु ने अपनी सब से प्रिय और उत्तम कृति मानव के शरीर के हर अंग मे भी हमारे अनुमान से अधिक अतिरिक्त क्षमता का प्रबंध किया है. जैसे हमारे फेफडे साधारण श्वास प्रश्वास मे अपनी पूर्ण क्षमता का मात्र 10% भी प्रयोग मे नही लाते. इसी प्रकार हमारे जिगर (liver)का भी सामान्यत: 15से 20% ही काम मे आता है. यही बात हमारे मस्तिष्क के प्रयोग पर भी लागू होती है. प्राणायाम और उस से जुडी सब कृयाओं से हम अपने शरीर के अंग प्रत्यंग को प्रति दिन एक बार तो ऐसा प्रयोग मे लाते हैं कि हमारे शरीर की पूरी कार्य क्षमता बनी रहे. इस से निरोगी काया के साथ हम अपने शरीर को समय से पूर्व जीर्ण होने से बचाते हैं.इस संदर्भ मे बाह्य प्राणायाम और अश्विनी कृया का शरीर से विषाणुओं का विसर्जन और ऊर्ध्वरेता की प्रक्रिया का यहां केवल संकेत मात्र ही प्रयाप्त रहेगा . क्योंकि इस विषय पर एक नूतन प्रस्तुति करने की उपयुक्तता प्रतीत होती है.

AUM Aadarniy Subodh Kumar

Aadarniy Subodh Kumar Ji, Namaste.
Mere lekh ki sarahna ke liye dhanyavad. Aap ne aur bhi achchi jaankari dee hai aur Nutan Prastuti ka sujhao diya hai. Apne anubhav ke aadhar par kya aap swyam aarambh karna chahenge. Yadi aap Nutan Prastuti mein is par bhi prakash daaliye ki kya Ashtang Yog ke kisi ek charan par bal dene se Saadhak Samadhi tak pahunch sakta hai? Yeh prashn ek anya TV channel per uthaya gaya hai.
Mere vichar mein to Ashtang Yog mein sabhi AATH charanon se anubhav prapt karna hota hai.
Chitranjan Sawant
17 May 2010.

subodhkumar आदरणी

आदरणीय सावंत जी,
परम्परा मे ऐसा कहा जाता है कि प्राणायाम के बाद के 3 अंग धारणा ध्यान समाधि एक गोपनीय व्यक्तिगत अनुभव होते हैं, जिन का बखान/ प्रचार करना उचित नही समझा जाता.
रही बात व्यक्तिगत अनुभव की, जब तक यम नियम पर अधिकार नही होता आगे के योग के चरण पूर्ण रूपेण फलीभूत कम ही होते हैं. हर व्यक्ति का अपना रास्ता अपनी जीवन यात्रा में अपनी व्यक्तिगत परिस्थितियों और प्रभु कृपा से बनता है.
पूर्वजन्म के संस्कार का भी बहुत बडा महत्व रहता है. बाल्यकाल मे माता पिता के दिये संस्कार भी महत्वपूर्ण होते है. और जीवन की इस दौड मे जुडे अनुभवी खिलाडियो को जैसे कुछ लाभ रहता है, वही पूर्व जन्म के और माता पिता के आशीर्वाद के संस्कारों का लाभ रह्ता है.
शेष तो इस जीवन मे आप की अपनी क्रिया योग तप, स्वाध्याय, ईश्वर प्राणिधान पर निर्भर रहता है.

AUM Dhanyavad Subodh Kumar

Dhanyavad Subodh Kumar Ji.
Chitranjan Sawant