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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


When Sri Aurobindo started his quarterly in 1914, he named it 'Arya' and defined the term Arya as follows :

"The word Arya expresses a particular ethical and social order of well-governed life, candour, courtesy, nobility, straight dealing, courage, gentleness, purity, humanity, compassion, protection of the weak, liberty, observance of social duties, eagerness for knowledge, respect for the wise and the learned and the social accomplishment. There is no word in human speech that has a nobler history. The Arya is one who strives and overcomes all outside him and within him that stands opposed to human advance. Self conquest is the first law of his nature. He overcomes mind and its habits and does not live in a shell of ignorance, inherited prejudices, customary ideas, pleasant opinions, but knows how to seek and choose, to be large and flexible in intelligence, even as he is firm and strong in his will. The Arya is a worker and warrior. He always works for the coming kingdom of God within himself and the world."

-Sri Aurobindo, Arya Vol-I, p.63

ॐ..who was aurobindo ? was

ॐ..who was aurobindo ? was he an arya samaji?

Sri Aurobindo = Sri Arvind

Sri Aurobindo = Sri Arvind Ghose. He was a great man died in 1950. He was not Aryasamaji. He was a great thinker and author of many famous books like Secret of Veda, The Life Divine, etc. He wrote 2 brillient essays on Dayananda in English which are very known in Arya Samaj.
= Bhavesh Merja