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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Three Eternals - God, Soul and Matter

बालादेकमणीयस्कमुतैकं नेव दृश्यते।
ततः परिष्वजीयसी देवता सा मम प्रिया॥
-अथर्व. १०.८.२५

इस वेद मन्त्र में तीन अनादि पदार्थों का वर्णन किया गया है:

(1) एक बालात्‌ अणीयस्कम्‌-एक प्रकृति परमाणुरूप में बाल से भी अति सूक्ष्म है।

(2) एकं न इव दृश्यते-एक वस्तु = जीव तो इतना सूक्ष्म है कि वह दीखता भी नहीं है।

(3) ततः परिष्वजीयसी देवता-उस जीव से भी अधिक सूक्ष्मतम और आलिंगन करने योग्य, चाहना करने योग्य, जो एक दिव्य देवता है, सा मम प्रिया-वही मेरा प्रिय देवता है, मेरा तृप्त करनेवाला आराध्य देवता है।

= भावेश मेरजा


अत्यन्त महत्त्वपूर्ण‌ वेद मन्त्र की अर्थ सहित जानकारी देने के लिए आपका अतीव धन्यवाद | मैने एक कविता पहले कभी डाली थी उसे मैं इसी परपेक्ष्य में उद्‍धृत करना चाहता हूँ |

Am I a Soul ,God or Nature or all in One

I took my body as me at times
Or else took my self as GOD Divine
Thus I swung like a swing
but was never sure
and knew not what I had really been
am I an idol made from clay
who walks and talks
and vanishes one day
back in to the clay or no-where
or else I am God
who happens to forget
His own Self, His own wealth
I know not, what my definition is
but for one thing,I am very sure
I am conscious and not inert like a clay
Neither I can be GOD
With thousand evils attached to me
How then I can ever accept
me as God or me as clay ?
Some say God when He gets perplexed
see Himself with the universe
others say, it is God and only God
who becomes the soul
and the creation all by Himself
but won't I believe this
there are infinite souls all by my side
who enjoy the creation with all their might
then why should I believe the truth as lie
I have my own existance as all others have
As Immortal as the God is
as also the Nature, which never vanishes
thus all these three make the universe
with varying quality and different works
Does father has an existance without a son
or is there a birth without a mother
Like a potter who makes
a pot from the clay with both his hands
But who enjoys the pot ?
a big lot of people living everywhere
similar is the creation here
God creates the universe
with nature as clay
the souls are there who enjoy and play
But once with the creation
souls forget who creates
they also forget
who they are themselves
it is the mind where the
pictures of the body are made
souls take them as their real state
Pictures are made in mind
just to guide and correct how body runs
it's only the body's feedback to mind
to run the machine which is perfact and divine
but soul forgets and call it as self
and makes it as its ego's display
this feedback if exceeds the limit
mind becomes mad and oscillates
If only we can understand our mind
pictures that are made in the mind
then easily we can realise the Truth
we have only to hold and still our mind
the miraculous works then we can do
We can know ourselves,We can realize GOD
We can know the Trinty that makes Universe.

Nice poem about relationship

Nice poem about relationship of god soul and nature .