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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


By Chitranjan Sawant
Allow me to say at the outset that the more I read about what to eat and what not to eat; the more confused I am. The sole reason is: all the advice tendered on the internet is from the European angle or for men and women based on the Continental United States. The readers of the third world are left high and dry because the foods listed in the recommended list are not grown in Asian or African countries or these are too expensive to find a place in the house wives' menu. Naturally, the question of their being served on the dining table just does not arise.
We in India have our own way of figuring out What to eat and What not to eat. This has been proven over a period of time and holds good even today.


Sushrut was a great physician of ancient India. His medical advice tendered to both kings and commoners was never ignored. On being asked what the secret of Good Health was, Sushrut said "HIT BHOOK MIT BHOOK RIT BHOOK. Ah! quite a puzzle. Well in simple English it means -Eat only stuff that is beneficial to your body, mind and soul. Eat as little as possible so that your body survives and no more lest it is stored in your posterior around hips. Remember, a good bank balance is good but a good bank balance in the form of calories is bad. Lastly, eat what has been earned by the sweat of your brow and not by indulging into a blood bath. The edible items are not blood diamonds. If you have food by starving other human beings, you may not enjoy a sound sleep and your health will be adversely affected.
The saint-physician, Sushrut left an individual to himself to choose items of food in consultation with the members of the family.
Think Healthy - this factor is as important as Eat Healthy. An individual should develop a posiyive approach to life. If we do not entertain negative thoughts, our health will not suffer. If an individual thinks well of fellow human beings, he will always be positive in his attitude. This will promote his or her health. If I entertain envious feelings towards my neighbour, I cannot expect him to come out and help me when help is needed. If I envy the progress of another human being, I shall never be able to travel on the path of progress as it would be blocked by envious thought and action.
Be Cheerful - the last stage in this series of Wellness. If I am cheerful, men and women around me will be cheerful. I shall not only promote my health but also social health. I shall be paying back to the society what I have been receiving from it.
Cheerfulness is infectious. When you stand in front of a baby and Smile, the baby will smile too.On the contrary, if you frown and make faces, the baby would be confused and would start crying that only a breast feed would stop. Likewise in this world you laugh and the world laughs with you but if you cry, you cry alone. Moral of the story is: Be Cheerful. You can be cheerful under adverse conditions too. Great men of all ages all over the world have shown patience, forbearance and resilience to turn Defeat into Victory. In the process they retained cheerfulness so that thinking could be done and adversity be transformed into an opportunity.
Let us all take a pledge that we will Eat Healthy, Think Healthy and be Cheerful.

ॐ..charan sparsh aaryavar!

ॐ..charan sparsh aaryavar! Excellent article ! ! Very very beautiful !

AUM Dhanyavad Arya Basant

Dhanyavad Arya Basant Ji.
Chitranjan Sawant

Sh.Sawant ji; Namaskar Can

Sh.Sawant ji; Namaskar Can we prepare day's time table(healthy food) for senior citizen who is not engaged in any physical work .I give below few details about my routine;
1)Morning-- Physical exercises/yoga-------30/45 minutes followed by 1or2 glass water and fruits(banana etc) time 5.00---6.30AM Tea at 7.00AM
2)Breakfast-----One or two times protha with curd or Upma /poha with milk -time 8.30AM/9.00AM
Noon time -a bowl of fruit pieces) water melon or guava
3)Lunch (13.30--14.00) Roti or rice/dal or sabji & salad/fruit (Mango)
4)Evening snacks -Tea and namkin/sweet Evening walk at 19.00Hrs
5)Dinner Roti or rice/dal or sabji(seasonal) ---Once in fortnight Dosa or Uttapam or Alu Tikki with gram
6) Before going to bed------A glass of cold or hot milk
Can you suggest any change in above to enable to live healthy life!

namaste , Why do you want to

namaste ,
Why do you want to give place for tea ? It is unhealthy food.Swami Ramdev ji said drinking a cup of tea is destroying 40 cells of liver .Nowadays many people cannot live without tea.They suffer headache and loss of energy .Instead of tea ,one can possess divine health by drinking milk, which is also easily available.
With due respect,

AUM Vibha ji, Thanks

AUM Vibha ji, Thanks for your advise. I agree with you regarding Tea. I will try to remove Tea from my diet.I am trying to include Lassi/butter milk in my breakfast and lunch.Is there any specific yoga/exercise to eable me to get relief
from knee pain while climbing or getting down on stairs.

AUM Namaste Ramesh Ji avam

Namaste Ramesh Ji avam Vibha Ji. Thanks indeed for your views and Ramesh Ji's query. I am sorry I am late in attending to it because I saw your views just now. Better late than never.
Ramesh Ji, I take one litre of water immediately after leaving the bed. it keeps my body hydrated and helps in clearing bowels. You may start with 250 ml and then increase it gradually. Rest of the diet is Okay. I am not commenting on tea because I take a cup of tea brewed bymy wife and it cheers me with its fragrance and taste. She makes a blend of the Lipton Darjeeling and Brooke Bond red label and adds Amul Taza and half a spoonful of sugar. I am quite aware of Swami Ramdev's views on the topic as I have been meeting him on the Arya Samaj Manch off and on. I had the privilege of interviewing him on the aastha TV a few months back.You may like to cut out Prantha because of the oil. Senior citizens are advised minimum consumption of oil and fats.
Your Yoga/physical exercises are fine. A light walk in open space for fresh air is recommended. Walk, walk and walk - Charaiveti Charaiveti - Move on and on. Don't let the frass grow under your feet.
May Parmatma make you a Shatayu and keep you in the pink of health.
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