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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

Yudhishthir,the Pandava prince was the only one who could not memorize the lesson,
“Satyam Vada, Dharamam Char”, tell the truth and act righteously. He pleaded that there was no point in learning by rote unless one acted on the teachings. How right was he. In the present day world, one may say that the TRUTH is the first casualty both in war and peace. What do we do? Should we abandon the age-old principle of Dharma, take to untruth, make money and enjoy life as per the principle of Charwaak. Live life kingsize even if you go into debt, care not for the principle of Karma and karmphal because the body will be consigned to flames on death and who knows if there is a rebirth. He found followers because he advocated the Preya marg, alife of pleasure now; never mind the pain later.

Living-in is a symptom of the pain inflicted on the society by the Preya marg today. A young man and a young woman share an apartment, share a bed and all that goes with it without getting married. Begetting a child is out of the question. Too much of a bother in bringing up a child. Just have fun and forget the rest. After me the deluge, so says the shirker. Of course, changing partners or having same sex partners is not a taboo to them. Is it a healthy practice? Will it give health and happiness? Who cares. The guardians of the society have to care, though. Otherwise there will be no difference in the lifestyle of humans and animals. Humans contract venereal diseases unlike animals. Humans get depression but animals don’t. A life breeding promiscuity promotes dreaded diseases like AIDS. Indeed, the Epicurean philosophy of life will endanger the human life itself. Where do we go from here?

Get married and remain married – that is the answer. A misogamist may howl and balk at the suggestion of marriage but an average human being will definitely find solace and comfort in the institution of marriage. In a civilised society no husband will live in fear of his pretty wife being snatched away by a muscleman. The institution of law and administration of justice will come to his rescue in an emergent situation. Barring an exception here or there, the institution of marriage gives peace of mind to members of the family in particular and the society in general. Of course, leaders of the society should be constantly on the look out for mischief mongers and make marriage an acceptable solution to the doubting Thomases.

Swami Dayanand Saraswati, a great religious and social reformer of the 19th century India writes a chapter on marriage and the Grihastha ashram in his treatise,Satyarth Prakash. With all the emphasis at his command he exhorts young men and women to get married and beget children for self and society. Living in for sexual pleasure and changing partners in bed invariably leads to mental, physical and sexual diseases that cause untold sufferings. The social order may ,in the process, get destroyed. How true the assessment was. Aren’t many communities in Africa being obliterated by the dreaded AIDS ? Many a time the dead outnumber the living and no healthy human being is available to perform the last rites and the burial. Let the humanity wake up to this naked truth, sit up and mend its ways of sexual behaviour.

Swaymvara, wherethe girl chooses her husband-to-be, is rated high as a Vedic Vivah. Non-interference by parents or elders of the community has the social sanction. In today’s world, boys and girls of cities make their own decisions on the choice of partners but the rural areas have yet to see light of the day. Perhaps the more people are educated the more of them may exercise the right to choose life partners. A happy married life will indeed minimise the number of broken homes, spread of sexual diseases and violence by juveniles of broken homes. Broken homes related problems need to be addressed to as soon as possible lest the present social order crumbles. A happy and healthy married life may provide answers to myriad problems listed heretofore.
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Real problem of our time is

Real problem of our time is marrying a close blood relation. It is known as incest in english. In America & Europe, there are instances of father marrying a daughter, brother marrying a sister, step-son marrying a step-mother and so on. Such activities generate tremendous amount of sin. It is not unlikely that if sin becomes unbearable for Mother Earth, third world war may start to reduce the burden. As per my calculations, it may happen in second half of twenty first century.

Please share your

Please share your calculations with us. How have you concluded this?

These calculations are

These calculations are intuitional & not mathematical. I happened to contact some discarnate spirits and found out with their help.