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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


By Chitranjan Sawant

Many a time I go to the refrigerator, open its door and am at a loss to know the purpose of opening the fridge door. Has my memory failed? Is it the beginning of the dreaded disease named Al Zheimer's that causes loss of memory and prevents coherent speech? Please do not jump to conclusion precipitating a total twist of personality.
Many experienced psychologists like Patricia Curtis suggest memory aids of varying nature like putting your spects, keys, pens and what have you in a basket by the bedside. Fine for minor forgetfulness. These are items of daily needs and their misplacement and lack of recall may cause irritation but does not mean that the brain has lost the ability to remember things.
If a person relies too much on memory aids, he or she may remember the aids but not the real major matter that was required to be remembered. Thus the chaff is in hand but not the grain. please remember, the problem lies elsewhere.
The memory and forgetfulness should not be made too technical for the common man otherwise he makes an exit from the chat at the earliest possible opportunity. Let it be as simple and easy to handle as possible.
What are the gray areas in the domain of memory of a common man? Well, it is the correlation between a person's name and face and ability to recall it at the appropriate time.In a simple way one can say that the recall has not materialised because that person and his name did not figure in the conversation for a long time. It may be termed as the Law of Disuse. There is no on the spot treatment for it. If one knows in advance whom to address and when, some homework can be done.Otherwise just say sorry, please tell me your name again. Heavens won't fall if you make a clean breast of it.
Forgetfulness has been there since the human creation came into existence. It is going to be there till the human creation lasts. Therefore, there is no need to panic as for as the youth is concerned. Their physical and mental faculties function correctly most of the time. If there is a mental disorder, Doctor is the correct person to take care of it. For God's sake, please do not let a Quack handle the case lest quackery makes matters worse.
Let us attend to cases of memory disorders of ageing men and women. As the age advances, both the body and the mind weaken and are unable to make use of their faculties to the fullest possible extent. It is just natural. There is no need to press the panic button just because the old fellow forgot why he opened the referigerator door. It it happens, just take it in the normal stride of life. nest time before opening the fridge door, keep your wits together and you will be able to take out whatever you wanted.
Dementia or loss of mental faculties in senior citizens may be slowed down with the help of Yoga and use of morning fresh air. Pranayam, the fourth stage of Ashtang Yoga or eight-fold process of Yoga, is indeed very helpful in keeping the brain supplied with oxygenated blood and helping brain exercise itself.
In holding the breath inside lungs during Pranayam, it is recommended by Rishis to silently chant a Ved mantra or an abbreviated form of the mantra. Doing this repeatedly is quite a help to the senior citizen to keep the brain active.
Reading, writing, public speaking have indeed been very helpful to me in keeping my brain active and well exercised at the age of Seventyseven. By the grace of God, dementia is quite an alien to my scheme of planning and executing social work.
One must have an ardent desire to live long and live healthily in order to have a good memory without the aids where you are likely to get lost.May I suggest that every human being, especially the senior citizens, chant a part of a Ved mantra JEEVEM SHARADAH SHATAM - O God may I be a centenarian. Further, chant ADEENAH SYAM SHARADAH SHATAM - May I be self-reliant and not dependant on others in anyway.
The strong wish to live long, live healthily keeps an individual in perfect command of his mental and physical faculties of which memory is just an important part.
Let us live long-preferably be a centenarian, live healthily, live happily and remain in command of our physical and mental faculties.
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