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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Analogy of Petals and Flower is misleading

Petals are parts of the corolla of a flower. A flower is made of conglomeration of various petals. Do you believe that God is made of conglomeration of various souls? God and souls are conscious entities; they are not physical things like flower and its petals. Hence this example is simply misleading.

A petal can be separated from the flower. But the soul cannot be separated (taken away) from the Brahman (God), because of the omnipresence of God. Therefore the souls can not be said parts or ingredients of God.

A petal is not a flower. A group of petals arranged in a particular fashion is called flower. A petal is treated and valued differently. Even a child understands the difference between a petal and a flower, or between a brick and a building.

Yes, the petal has many qualities and attributes as the flower, but it doesn’t prove that both are one and the same thing. There are dissimilarities too, e.g. shape, size, weight, look etc. If both are exactly identical then why one is called ‘petal’ and other ‘flower’? If both are exactly identical then one should not purchase flowers but should go for petals, but we don’t do that, as we know that a flower is something more than the petals.

Yes, the flower cannot be flower without petals because they are parts of the flower. This is true only for the things physical. For non-physical entities like God and soul this is not applicable.
Yes, soul has his own attributes. But his many attributes are fundamentally different than those of God, so both are not identical. For example, God is all-pervading, omnipresent, but souls are very subtle and confined in the bodies.

The Soul is not a part or fraction or spark of God. A part or fraction or spark is possible only when it is separated from the main thing. God is present everywhere, so His part or fraction or spark can not be imagined to exist.

Merging is possible in material things. God and soul can not merge. They can meet or get associated – God as pervader and soul as pervaded.

We have to realize the reality i.e. that we are very small – subtle individual souls and God is Omni-present and infinite. God has created this universe and my body so that I can take utmost benefit of His gifts and enjoy His bliss and get emancipation.

God, souls and creation – all are real. To deny existence of any one of these three is nothing but ignorance.

Who created this universe? – God
For whom this universe is created? – Souls
From what this universe is created? – Prakriti (Primordial matter – material cause)

= Bhavesh Merja

The example of petal &

The example of petal & flowers is good when this is implied on this world or universe. As number of planets make a universe, as number of people make a Society, so number of petals make a flower . But if we start implying it on Atmas & God, then it will only create ignorance. As number of people can make a society but not Universe, number of souls can make this universe an inhabited space, but can't create the universe. So only God is to be taken as the Creator of this universe and not itself being created by souls or a conglomeration of souls.