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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Understand Arya Samaj

This is not the issue of denying anyone's fundamental right of free choice of faith. The issue is as to whether all these varied and warring paths, principles and faiths being followed by the people are equally right and fruitful. This is being examined and analyzed.

“Vedic tenets of Pluralism" means what? Does Veda teach that there exists no truth? Truth is indescribable? It varies from time to time and person to person, etc.? If Vedas are really not definite and specific in elucidation of truth, what is their importance? But this is not the fact. The fact is that Vedas illuminate unalloyed and decisive Truth and declare that - there is no other path in the matters of truth - "naanyah panthaah vidyate...".

Unity in though, determination and purpose was the all-time motto of the Vedas and the members of the Vedic society. No sensible person would deny the fact that unity is the most desirable thing for the solidarity and progress of the masses. The Vedas have given us "Sangyan sookta" ("Samgachchhadhwam samvadadhwam... Rigveda), which says that unity and concord should prevail in the world. We had been united for millions and millions of years, it is only after the great Mahabharata war that we gradually lost our faith in unity.

Rishis (Seers) were highly enlightened souls. They are called Rishis because they have realized the truths. They had never quarreled among themselves. It was, in a very few cases, only the difference of the treatments they gave to the subject. Rishis see truth face to face.

Aryasamaj should "fight" means Arya samaj should endeavor as per its mission to spread true Vedic knowledge and remove ignorance; not by force or compulsion, but by the legitimate means. What is wrong in this? This is nothing but a forceful expression of the commitment to one's mission.

If 1 + 2 = 3 is the truth, then 1 + 2 = 4, 5, or 6 (any thing except 3) is bound to be untruth. Adherence to truth is to be viewed as a virtue not as a weakness.

Arya samaj always appeals for the friendly interfaith discussions and dialogues and exchange of views for the ascertainment of truth - based on tarka (logic - reasoning) and pramans (evidences). This is a highly desirable thing for building a healthy and truth-seeking society. We are not here to object anybody, we just appeal to have a fresh review of the traditional dogmas and faiths. To do well to the world has been declared as the main object of the Arya Samaj by its illustrated founder.

One should read "Chandapur Fair", a small book in which an account of the historical debate held between Swami Dayananda and the scholars of the Islam and Christianity has been given. Dayananda's holy intention, his love and passion for truth and his large-heartedness are very well displayed therein.

= Bhavesh Merja