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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Yoga Bhoga Roga

It is said that yoga is incomplete without bhoga & roga. Bhoga means enjoying worldly pleasures and satisfying all desires. Roga means taking time away from both yoga & bhoga and simply doing nothing which means emptying yourself physically, mentally & spiritually so that you may be filled with golden-diamond energy. Regimen would be some thing like this : 80 % of time or days yoga, 10 % of time bhoga and 10 % of time roga.

As I understand Roga means

As I understand Roga means Disease. Please download Satyarth prakash from this site and read it.

When a person is resting or

When a person is resting or relaxing, toxins get flushed out. When a person is suffering from disease, then also toxins get removed from the body. Disease is a tool created by Nature to cleanse the system of toxins. That is why both are two sides of the same coin & so have been termed roga.