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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Life after death

Dear Aryagans

Please clear the doubts raised by one of my friends.
"What is life after death"

Naveen Arora

After death, you move to

After death, you move to subtle or astral plane ( sukshma loka ). Then depending upon your desire & karma, you reincarnate after a gap of time. If there is no desire & karma, then you keep moving from lower to higher lokas.

Respected Arya Kindly

Respected Arya
Kindly explain in a little more detail like what is sukshma loka and what is lower/higher lokas and what is this "gap of time"

Naveen Arora

In sukshma loka, there is no

In sukshma loka, there is no physical body & there is no physical world. It resembles dream world. In dream world, you do not have will power and things are not systematic & coherent. But in sukshma loka, you have control & command over yourself & surroundings and sukshma loka is more in tune with the laws of spirit than our physical world on planet earth. Higher loka is more sukshma ( less grosser ) than lower loka. 'Gap of time' means time between your death & re-birth. Gap of time = Time spent in sukshma loka after death + time spent in the mother's womb. Time measured on earth for stay in sukshma loka is not equal to time spent & measured in sukshma loka. For example 5 years on earth = 2 years in sukshma loka.
By the way, I was Punjabi in my last to last birth. After that I had a non-human birth in South India. And in
this present birth, I was born in Rajasthan but now am working in the south India. Now my desires & karmas are over & so I will go to sukshma loka & then karana loka after death ( karana loka means sukshma of sukshma loka ).

Are you joking? How do you

Are you joking? How do you know where you were born earlier? Please explain.

Dear Arya Kindly tell

Dear Arya
Kindly tell me:-
1)Do the atma's during there pause/stay at sukshma loka can come back to earth to fullfill their unfullfilled desires, if any.
2)What happens in higher loka.

3)Can the atma meet or feel the "Omnipresent"in the sukshmaloka.

4)Is there any thing like "Swarg / Nark" after death.Or this is what we have to face on the earth itself.

I believe that what we are discussing is "VEDIC"
Naveen Arora

It is serious & not joke.

It is serious & not joke. How I found out can not be revealed publicly.
Now I answer all your questions one by one :-
(1) Yes, individual soul or jivatma can come back to earth to satisfy unfulfilled desires.
(2) There are so many lokas. Life in some of the lower lokas is worse than life on earth.
Life in higher lokas is lofty, sublime, harmonious and so on. There is no need for breathing, sleeping, drinking & eating there to get energy for surviving & living.
(3) You can spiritually develop in higher lokas and acquire the power of omnipresence.
(4) A person who is very evil minded goes to the lowest sukshma loka where there is lot of suffering, pain, torture et cetera. Some people call it hell or naraka.


Comments/Vedic views from

Comments/Vedic views from other learned AryaGans from this forum on this serious discussions awaited.This discussion will benefit all including guest visitors.
Naveen Arora

AUM Namaste Arya Vrind. May

Namaste Arya Vrind.
May I request you to please go through my article LIFE BEYOND DEATH which can be found at the old website of Thanks. Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

Here is the link for that

Here is the link for that article: Life Beyond Death