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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


A Review by Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

Aryan Heritage in hand and worldly worries banished across the Yamuna to Lutyen’s New Delhi, I settle down in my favourite rocking chair in my study named dhyan kaksh in an army built house in Noida when my antaratma reassures me that the invisible Almighty is all over the Creation and that all is well with the world. Indeed it is an ideal setting to read the prestigious monthly magazine of the Vedic world, Aryan Heritage.
Shri Aurobindo on the cover page and his article, Dayanand and the Vedas inspired me to reopen the Ved Samhita to refresh my knowledge and go through the life of the great religious and social reformer of the 19th century. The Renaissance Rishi is indeed an eternal source of inspiration to let a man understand the theory of Karma and karmaphal. The principle – as you sow, so must you reap – has saved many a man and a woman from falling from grace.
Jagmohan has rightly questioned the sincerity of governors of India that is Bharat in translating the dream of Pt Nehru into action. Nehru had a dream but it fell flat because the spirit of self sacrifice for the concept of a vibrant Bharat was cremated by the successors of the dreamer of the party called the Indian National Congress. As the years passed by, Mammon assumed a larger than life size and dominated the handful few God-fearing men and women in power. Money and muscle power played a major role in electoral politics and criminalised the system of governance.
Anarchy in the Valley by L.K. Advani cautions us once again that we are in for bad days vis-a-vis J&K. The stone-pelting Gen X takes orders from across the border and yet the government of India has no strategy to counter it.
Going back to the days of Lala Lajpat Rai and how the Arya Samaj inspired him is informative for the new generation. The giant among men, Punjab Kesari, did not regret even for a moment that he had joined the august institution. It is hoped that the students of the DAV Colleges read the Aryan Heritage to remain in touch with the principles of the Vedic Dharm and the great souls who carried Dayanand’s mission forward. A check in this matter will help the Editor to reshape the material published in Aryan Heritage.
My Passion by dr Harish Khosla makes an interesting reading. Although the article is not listed in the table of contents, it did catch my attention as I am a morning walker myself. It attracts the men and women to the Lodi Gardens that one can own in the morning for nothing. Allow me to mention that the morning walkers of Noida too had that heavenly joy in the Nandan Kanan park until Sushri Mayawati chose to raise a myriad of images, including of herself, by cutting down scores of trees and laying the park a barren land with stone Murthies of the known and the unknown.
The Vedic Prayer from the Yajurveda right at the beginning of the illustrious magazine is indeed soul-lifting. I, however, wonder why the same Mantra and the same translation were repeated later in the inner page of the journal. Possibly the exercise was undertaken to catch the fleeting attention of the wooly-wooly mind of man of today whose attention needs a Ved mantra to enable him to concentrate.
All said and done, I would like to open my purse and buy a copy of the Aryan Heritage from the nearest news stand. It is enriching and captivating indeed.

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