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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Yoga/Pranayam after 40

Dear Learned Aryagans
Please, can anybody advise the asnas and pranayams with steps to keep the mind and body inshape after 40 yrs. of age and 9Am to 7PM working atmosphere and busy strugling life.Advise on food habits will be a bonus.


Naveen Arora

Naveen ji, * Warning :

Naveen ji,

* Warning : this health advice is based on personal experience. *

Although Yoga and Pranayam are essential throughout life but after 40 they are even more important. If one wants to stay healthy long into old age, one must devote some time to body and mind. Whatever you do there must be something done for the body and mind everyday. You may start with simple walk in the evening, walk/jog in the morning, etc.
Ramdev ji has educated the masses on how to do Pranaman, that should be followed if possible.
Regarding food habbits, this is often more important than the exercise you may be getting. Obviously being a vegitarian is not enough. It is very important to eat atleast 4 hours before bed. In addition eat less in the evening. Never stuff your stomach and don't eat outside food/"garisht" food for long. Stay away from Alopathic medicines as much as possible.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your

Thanks for your comments.These will be useful for our other members too.
Naveen Arora