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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


Swami Dayananda Saraswati (1824-1883), the founder of the Arya Samaj contributed a lot in popularizing the Vedic prayer generally known as "Gayatri Mantra". He quoted this mantra in his most famous book "Satyarth Prakash" (Light of Truth) as well as in many other books e.g. "Sanskar-Vidhi" etc. He explained it with word to word meaning and showed that this is an excellent prayer one can have for Almighty God. He also recommended to the members of the Arya Samaj that this prayer to be recited everyday with deep thinking on its meaning while meditating. That is why almost all the members of the Arya Samaj know this mantra with its meaning - more or less.

Initially for years Sri Ram Sharma, the founder of "Gayatri Parivar" was a member of Arya Samaj - not only just a member but also worked as one of the office bearers of the Arya Samaj at Mathura. Later on for the motive of attracting more and more people towards him to establish himself as a "Guru" he started making various compromises on the Vedic concept of formless Omnipresent God and he started a new theme of worshiping "Gayatri mata" (mother - goddess) ! He first started such anti-Vedic practice in Arya samaj itself but later on he got seperated from the Arya Samaj and started "Gayatri Parivar" (Gayatri Family). His close Arya Samaji friend, associate and a reputed scholar Sri Acharya Prem Bhikshu has given all such factual historical details about him in a small Hindi book. Sri Ram Sharma committed a very serious mistake of adding one more "maataa" (mother or goddess) among the Hindus. As a result he got many followers who started worshiping him and his wife. He performed many Yagyas (fire ritual) called - "Ashvamedh Yagya" in his own way and now his fold is expanding amongst the Hindus. He was not a great Sanskrit scholar but he managed his show in a great way attracting lot of people. Gayatri-Devi ( goddess) is his invention. Otherwise in Vedas Gayatri is a name of meter (chhanda) for the verses having 23 or 24 letters - syllables. There are many verses (mantras) in the Vedas in Gayatri chhanda.

Arya Samaj doesn't make such compromises. So its popularity is restricted. He respects Swami Dayananda as a great seer, scholar and reformer; but he is considered a MAN, not GOD. This is a fundamental point. Dayananda is remembered as a great man and he is a great source of inspiration for betterment of life and revival of the Vedic dharma, but he is not worshiped.

To know more about the frauds of "Gayatri Maataa" one may read a new Hindi book of about more then 350 pages available from - Sri Ghudamal Prahalad Kumar Arya Dharmarth Trust, Byania Pada, Hindon City, Rajasthan (India) - 322230 (phone: 07469-234624, 9414034072).

= Bhavesh Merja

The two types of qualities

The two types of qualities we cherish in ourselves or in others are (1) The physical & (2) The spritual. The physical qualities are the qualities of body, mind & intellect, whereas the spritual qualities pertain to love for Truth, Ahimsa, Asteya, love for great qualities like kindness, fearlessness, forgiveness, hard work, sacrifice, submission & love for all beings & God & with everything God made etc etc. Whereas the first ones are visible to our senses, the second type are not visible through our senses , but are sensed by the soul directly. These days we fail to realise these second type of qualities and run after the qualities of the first kind only. Hence we have adopted the method of making the picture of the spritual things like God & qualities represented by Gayatri Mantra etc, in the form of Moortees . While we do this , we fail to understand that these qualities are to be grasped by the soul and not by the body and hence should be visualized by the heart & not through senses. So to fabricate a Moorti of Any thing which is to be perceived by the soul directly should not be tried to be perceived through the physisical figures except as an artistic presentation.
Hence Gayatri Parivar's representing Gayatri as a Moorti is a futile attempt and infact misguides the seeker in to a wrong destination.
The Sandhya on the other hand firstly prepares the man to be able to grasp the meaning of Gayatri and thereafter makes the seeker to grasp its true meanings through JAP, which is gradually achieved in the form of a deep internal mansik JAP. This will gradually lead a man towards realization of Self & God and this is what we want to achieve.

This is just a simple explanation about the use of Gayatri Mantra, which infact is a way to realize God.