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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Ishwar stuti praar thano paasanaa (in English)

Ishwar stuti praar thano paasanaa

In the beginning of all rituals, a scholar or an intelligent person should praise, pray and revere God meditatively and with unwavering mind by reciting the following mantras and their meaning, while all present should listen attentively.

Om vishvani deva savitur duri taani paraa suva.
Yad bhad ram tanna aa suva.|1|

Oh lord, God almighty, creator of the universe, and dispenser of true happiness! We beseach thee to dispel all our miseries ( vices and evil propensities) and bestow upon us what is blessed and good.

Om hiran ya garbhah sama vart taagre bhoo tasya jaa tah pati reka aa seet.
Sa daa dhaara prithi veem dyaa mu temaam kas mai dev aaya havishaa vidhema.|2|

Regulating the faculties of the mind and leading upright lives, we should, with fervent devotion, adore him who is blissful and holy, the wellknown, self effulgent, creator of the earth and all luminous bodies like the sun, and the master of the universe who existed before creation.

Om ya aatma daa bala daa yasya vishva upaa sate prashi sham yasya devaah.
Yasya chaaya amritam yasya mrit yuh kas mai devaa ya havisha vidhe ma.|3|

Let us busy ourselves, heart and soul, in the practical observance in our daily lives of the commandment of that bliss-imparting God, who gives to the devout true knowledge of ( himself as well as of) the soul, who blesses us with physical, moral and spiritual strength, whom all the enlightened adore and whose visible and truthful rule in the universe the righteous acknowledge, whose protection provides emancipation and whose indifference causes all kinds of miseries and death.

Om yah praan ato nimi shato mahi tvaik indraa jaa jaga to babhoo va.
Yat ee she asya dvi padasha chatu sh padah kas mai devaa ya havishaa vidhe ma.|4|

Let us offer all the best we have, and devoutly worship that blissful God, the giver of all wealth, who in his infinite glory is the one and sole ruler of all creation- animate and inanimate- bestowing corporal existence on all creatures- bipeds ( like men) and quadrupeds (like the cow).

Om yena dyau ru graa prithi vee cha dri dhaa yena svasta bhi tam yen naakah.
Yo ant rikshe raja so Vimaa nah kas mai devaa ya havi sha vidhe ma.|5|

Let us adore with all the capacity of our body, mind and soul that blissful supreme being, the lord of all desires, by whom the formidable Sun, the Earth and other Planets are sustained, by whom the quota of earthly happiness and the enjoyment of final beatitude is maintained, and who creates the different planets and worlds and sets them moving in space (makes them fly like birds).

Om praaja pate na tva detaa nya nyo vish vaa jaa taani pari taa ba bhoova.
Yat kaamaa ste juhu mast anno astu va yam syaa ma pata yo rayee naam.|6|

Oh lord of all creatures, none other than thou excels all these and other created things. Thou art above all. Thou art supreme. May thou fulfil all ou cherished desires and may we possess bounteous wealth and other material things of the world.

Om sa no ban dhur jani taa sa vidha taa dhaa maani veda bhuva naani vish vaa.
Yat ra devaa amrit maana shaanaa stri tee ye dhaa manna dhyai ra yanta.|7|

To us he is kind and loving like a sincere kinsman. He is the producer and disposer of the entire universe. He knows all the worlds and the name, place and source of every thing. The source of final beatitude infinitely above the vanishing joys of the world and untouched by its shortcomings and miseries. In him do the enlightened attain final emancipation ( and move about freely with absolutely no hindrance of any kind in space, having free access to all worlds, all places and every thing according to their wishes).

Om agne na ya su pathaa raa ye as maan vish vaani deva vayu naani vid vaan,
yuyo dhya smaj juhu raan meno bhoo yish thaam te nama uk tim vidhema.|8|

Oh self-effulgent, omniscient lord, cast out from us all debasing and sinful desires and habits and lead us, by the path of righteousness, to the attainment of all true knowledge and worldy riches. For this we offer unto thee, profound obeisance and praise.

This 'Ishwar stuti praar thano paasanaa' Mantras and their meaning are copied from a book 'Agnihotra (Havan)' compiled by Prem Bhatia and Madhu Bhatia for Arya Samaj Greater Houston.

Sir, Namaskaar I am new to

Sir, Namaskaar I am new to this ..In the beginning I may find it difficult to get adjusted in reading, observing,& before commenting on what others write r make observations , I should concentrate , more on learning than preaching, but my goal is there in making this beautiful world as a place for truth but truth with all vedic principles inculcated and to make it a peaceful place (which may take time) I hope I get blessings from all aryagan gathered here..

how could i download mantra

how could i download mantra sandhya in audio

You can download it from

You can download it from this link : Vedic Sandhya Audio

To Play, just click on the link. To Download, right click on the link and select "Save Link As ..." Then chose a directory to save it in.