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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Sad demise of Prof. Dr. Kushaldev Shastri

Today morning we got shocking news of sad demise of Prof. Dr. Kushaldev Shastri - a well-known scholar and a very humble historian of Arya Samaj. He had been at Kolkata to attend the celebration of the Arya Samaj and there he became very unwell. He dedicated his life to historical research and writing especially on Swami Dayananda. He recently authored two important books in Hindi – (i) "Maharishi Dayanand – kaal aur Krititva " (Dayananda: His times and works) and (ii) "Dr Ambedkar aur Arya Samaj " (Dr Ambedkar and Arya Samaj). In preparing the first book he incessantly worked for almost 25 years. Its second volume was under preparation. He occupied a prominent place as a very authentic historian of Maharishi Dayananda and Arya Samaj. About a few months ago, he talked to me on phone in regard to Swami Purnananda who initiated Dayananda in to Sannyaas. Alas! Such a great and sincere scholar of history is no more! May God bestow patience and strength to their family members to bear this great loss? We may take great inspiration from his dynamic and dedicated life and ensure that whatever we write about history, etc. it should be highly authentic and well supported by the evidences and free from defects and exaggeration, etc. Let us realize the value history and historical research. Such inspirations we should have from his great life and works.
= Bhavesh Merja