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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

FEVER - Any Takers ?

Fever – No Takers ?

Oh, I have fever. Call the Doctor. I must drive it out. I have urgent work at office. I must go. I cannot afford to waste time. What ? Your body’s work is not urgent; your office is?

This is the state of affairs. The body which supports the office & all work needs no importance, no urgency, no treatment ?

Without knowing what fever is, what is its purpose, why has it come, we just act to get rid of it. Why ? Simply because we cannot afford to neglect work but we can afford to neglect our body with ease.

Yes, we can neglect our body, but for how long ? This is the trap everyone of us seem to be falling in unawares of the fact that this is the natures way of getting rid of poisons accumulated in the body that are posing danger.

Fever is not a disease to be treated for, rather it is the treatment for the diseases.

We have not to fight with it, we need to support it, control it & take its support.

Long time back a renowned doctor had stated that “Bring in fever & get rid of all diseases”.

However, far from taking advantage, every time fever comes to our rescue, we make it take a “U” turn making ourselves more & more miserable. The same happens when we suppress elementary ailments repeatedly. The hidden diseases then have a free run. This undercuts our energies & lowers our resistance to diseases. Once the energy dips below a certain level, the body becomes vulnerable to outside attack. Only in this state a little change in weather, or a mosquito bite or contact with a sick person can make body catch fevers like viral, Malaria, dengue or other diseases. Instead of correcting our self we choose to kill our protector, resulting in our colossal loss.

Initially fever comes in a simple form. Suppressing it time & again makes it return accompanied with complications & deadly diseases.

Unawares of these facts, people build their own theories & justify taking medicines for quick relief but unfortunately it only goes to make their journey to recovery more & more complicated, difficult & lengthy. For the time being fever vanishes & they are back to work, little realizing that they will have to pay heavily for defying Nature.

Fever – We Thank You!

We are highly thankful to Nature for sending in fever, that warns us of the dangers ahead well in time & help us steer clear.

Fever doesn’t come without a purpose. Rather it comes with a very important mission – to make us realize & correct our mistakes.

Every one makes mistakes, & I too committed some. That was the reason I too was caught by fever several times. However, the point to be noted here is that, it never remained for more than a day (As it had got its work done), & never went above 102. Every one who took the right course got miraculous relief. A few of the cases of miraculous escape are sighted here.

The Miracle

Recovery in Four Hours

It was the night of August 19, 2008. I fell sick. Thinking that I will be alright in the morning, I went to sleep. I kept tossing, as the sleep gave me the slip. I felt feverish. In the morning I checked up. It was 100’ fever. I felt very weak & could hardly get up. Somehow I took Luke warm water enema (douche) & took complete bed rest.

When even by noon I did not get any relief, I knew what fever wants me to do. The treatment wasn’t complete. I was having cold feet. I arranged a hot water bottle, placed it on my feet & covered myself up. I felt immediate relief & perhaps got some sleep too. I also took occasional hot drink such as Lime water etc. My energy level started rising.

When I told my son that I will be alright by evening itself, he just laughed at me & told me to keep in bed for four days. (Only a few days back, he was down with fever. When I suggested treatment, my daughter in law just shrugged it off saying she would do as directed by him & that since it was viral, it will take its own time. So he spent four days in bed & got very weak too.)

Yes, the general belief stands – Fever will take its own time, It may be 4, 7, 11 or even more days.

During the heat therapy, my temperature rose to 102 degrees F. By 5 in the evening I started feeling warm. The hot bottle was removed & for some more time I kept lying in the bed.. Soon I started feeling energetic.& hungry & went for a stroll – the clear symptoms of recovery. Temperature now dropped to 100.

This came as a pleasant surprise for me to note that fever was still present while I was feeling fit & fine as if it was keeping guard to ensure my complete recovery without any flaw. The same happened, there was a flaw. While I was in comfort, fever remained till night. Before retiring I once again took enema. This did rest of the cleaning work that was really pending. In the morning I woke up with body temperature 98.6.

Another interesting feature was the question “Have you taken medicine?” on the lips of every one inquiring about my fever. When I told them that fever itself is a medicine & that taking medicine for medicine isn’t correct, they were surprised.

Ten Days fever vanished in a day

Another case was that of my younger brother. A few years past he caught fever during his stay in Jaipur. I used to telephone him daily but every time the reply was same “No progress”. Doctors were treating him for typhoid & some time for pneumonia. When no improvement came to sight for ten days, I proceeded to Jaipur. I quickly commenced the treatment. And what was the treatment? – just a simple Ice-bag. Excessive heat had accumulated in the stomach. Ice-bag gave instant relief & the cold pack was applied on the stomach continuously for about four hrs. when finally he felt it enough. Next day fever started receding.

To a Child’s Relief

The latest case was that of a small child of nine months. It was Sep. 1st, 2008 & the child had contracted high fever.

I thought since a child is delicate, it would be prudent to let Doctors deal with. Mother took rounds. Medicines were administered & I kept contact by phone. When child & mother kept suffering for over five days, I decided to give it a try. I asked mother to apply cold pack on forehead & stomach. Reply came that it wasn’t soothing at all. This was the indicator for low body heat & I asked her to use hot packs on stomach & feet instead. Since hot water bottle wasn’t available, it was decided to keep the child in a warm-water tub. This came as a great relief as the child kept playing with water for about 15 or 20 minutes. The child was dressed up & within minutes he closed his eyes & had a peaceful nap. Soon the news of rapid improvement came as a reward for me.

Lets Welcome Fever

When body gets filled with unwanted & poisonous matter to a dangerous level, fever steps in. Suppressing fever is like knocking out the warning bell that warned us of the outbreak of fire & wait for fire to damage the household.

The reason for fever staging so long & the ensuing weakness is knocking down fever by indiscriminate use of medicines. Once fever is knocked off, there is nothing to bind the diseases hidden in the body which start weakening it. Fever returns & is again knocked down. This fight continues till both fever & the body get exhausted. It is not treatment it is self destruction.

Weakness after fever is the proof that the treatment was wrong. In the right course, body becomes fit before fever leaves. Fever ensures that the work is complete before leaving. In the right course the question of body getting weak doesn’t arise. However, due to certain reasons, if some weakness does surface, the internal energy of the patient becomes so high that on commencement of normal diet, the overall energy of the patient will be much higher than before.

If we choose to suppress fever, no doubt it will go, but will leave behind weakness & diseases for us to tackle alone.

We all know that poisons accumulated in the body burn as & when the body temp. crosses 98.6. This principle is utilized by nature to cleanse the body.

If only we undertake to do what nature wishes to do by bringing fever, in the first place fever will not come & even if it comes, it will not remain so long.

Fever is an opportunity wherein Nature comes to our rescue in tackling the difficult job of purifying the body.

The Right Course in Fever

Main among the causes that trigger fever are deformed lifestyle, indiscriminate intake & exposure to cold.

Cure program consists of three main steps –

1. Cleansing of the body
2. Rest
3. Heat Balance

Cleansing of the body –

1. On detection of fever, one must take (except small children) Luke warm water enema (douche) twice on the first day & once every day till coming on the normal diet.
2. In high fever, wash head with cold water if liked by the patient.
3. Sponge the body & change clothes every day.

Rest –

1. Take complete bed rest.
2. Give rest to the digestive system too. Take only energy giving liquid diet such as hot lime water, whey, soup, tea etc. as per the patient’s liking mosammi juice can also be taken in small quantities.

Heat Balance –

It is very important to correct the heat balance of the body. For this, Hot/Cold packs should be applied after examining the body condition & given as long as liked by the patient. Hot foot bath can also be given along with the hot packs. Body should be kept warm with adequate covering. Cold pack on forehead & stomach can be given if liked by the patient.

Note –

1. Treatment should be soothing & liked by the patient. Nothing should be done forcefully.
2. Room of the patient should be airy without any direct wind.

Medicines that are helpful in fever -

1. Holy basil (Tulsi) leaves mixed with Black Pepper .
2. Neem & Black Pepper
3. Gilo & ajwain soaked in water at night, crushed, filtered & mixed with a pinch of salt can be given in the morning.

Caution – It is very important to come on normal diet very gradually after fever.