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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


“The Arya Samaj has three ways of looking at various problems: (i) From the national point of view; (ii) from the Hindu point of view; (iii) and from the universal or international point of view. As laid down by the founder (Maharshi Dayananda), the Arya Samaj aims at serving the whole world. The tenets of the Vedas and the subsequent Vedic philosophy have in them a universal appeal. The Arya Samaj, in fact, neither supports, nor it opposes any organized religion. It is neither pro-Hindu, nor anti-Muslim, or anti-Christian. The Arya Samaj stands against untruth, pollution, hypocrisy, superstition or credulity wherever and in whatever form they exist. The sectarian religions are related to Dharma as follows:

Dharma + Pollution = Sectarian religion.

In other words, we have following equation:

The Vedic Dharma + Superstition = Hinduism.

These two equations explain clearly and precisely the Arya Samaj’s view point against any religion. Take away all that is pollution or superstition from any organized religion, whatever is left, pure and pristine is Dhrama or the Vedic religion. Dharma existed prior to Christ, Krishna, Rama, or Mohammad; being pure and simple truth, it is eternal. The Arya Samaj is concerned with this Dharma alone. Whilst dealing with the religion or the tenets propounded by the Holy Quran, Dayananda wrote in his prologue to the fourteenth chapter of the Satyarth Prakash: “I have no intention of speaking ill or otherwise against this or in fact, any other religion. My intention is to tell our people what good is, so that it alone could be accepted, and what ill is so that it could be rejected.” This has been the attitude of Dayananda towards all faiths and creeds, and in his last four chapters, with one and the same measure he evaluated out Hinduism, along with Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity and Muslim religions. When we speak in the terms of the Veda imploring that every person should become an Arya, we mean the same thing - “krinvanto vishvamaaryam”. To us, a superstitious Hindu is as bad as a superstitious Muslim or Christian.”

[Source: “Speeches, Writings and Addresses of Svami Satya Prakash Sarasvati”, Vol-2, The Arya Samaj-A Renaissance, page 150-151, published by: Dr. Ratna Kumari Svadhyaya Sansthan – Allahabad. Note: To know more about the original author of the above thoughts Dr. Svami Satya Prakash Sarasvati, one may search on Google.]

Presented by: Bhavesh Merja

Two great equations.I want

Two great equations.I want to give noble prize for finding these two equations of religion.