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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Difference between God and Idol

When we talk of futility of idol-worship and mention that - “to worship idol is not to worship God”, it is usually questioned – Why? To make this point clear some of the chief attributes of God are listed below:

1. God is a reality. He really exists.
2. God is ‘Sachchidananda’= self-existence, intelligence and bliss personified.
3. God is the fountainhead of all true knowledge or the Vedas.
4. God is devoid of form.
5. God is omnipotent.
6. God is just.
7. God is benevolent.
8. God is eternal.
9. God is infinite - endless.
10. God is unchangeable.
11. God is without a beginning.
12. God is incomparable.
13. God is support of all.
14. God is lord of all.
15. God is omnipresent.
16. God is omniscient.
17. God is controller of all from within.
18. God is undecaying.
19. God is imperishable.
20. God is unborn.
21. God is creator, sustainer and dissolver of the universe.

Out of the above listed 21 attributes of God, ONLY ONE attribute is common in both God and the idol, and that is the first one – i.e. existence. God exists so the idol too exists. Except this one, there is no other attributes common in God and idol. That is why we cannot negate the existence of idol, but at the same time we cannot say that “idol is God” - because of the dissimilarities of attributes. The idol differs diametrically from God.

One should at least understand the difference between conscious God and inert idol.

= Bhavesh Merja