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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

The Art of Remembering in the Orient is different from the one in the West.


The oriental method of training a human mind to sharpen the Art of Memory is so very different from the occidental method. Of late a number of books have been published in America on the bane of forgetting and indeed the bane of Remembering or Memorising what you wish to retain. The element of sex has been highlighted. Even the case of remembering virgins and substituting them for points to remember are some of the methods of remembrance. Of course, in their case it has worked. in cases of individuals, both male and female, living in areas east of the Suez, the sex therapy for sharpening memory has all but failed.
Mind is the man. So, a lot of emphasis is placed on training of mind. It is through training that the scope of listening and understanding is widened. One has to be a hard taskmaster to train the mind to memorise and Recall what was memorised at a short notice. In other words one should read books on classical literature and try to remember as much as possible. When the teacher puts questions based on text matter, a student must recall and reproduce what he had learnt a couple of hours before. This exercise sharpens the mind of the reader and enhances his power of Recall. If the student is successful, the aim of the exercise is achieved.
Sanskrit language and Ved mantras help a student sharpen his mind and strengthen his faculty of Recall. The DHATU or the basic word of a variety of verbs has to be remembered by heart. The variations of the basic dhatu and what all variants are there - it has to be remembered by heart. The mental faculty has to be trained by letting the student memorise and also recall various variants. In this type of strict mental regimen, where is the place of sex or recalling image of a virgin. As a matter of fact there is an additional emphasis on abstinence from sex and sexual stimulants. Sex is a major distraction in the process of learning. It becomes a major road block and retards the progress of remembering and recalling. That explains why sex or mere mention of it is a taboo in a Gurukul or a pathshala where the process of teaching and learning revolve round the Guru or the Teacher and students make his Kul or family. Thus the Guru and shishya form the be all and end all of the system of education where mind is sharpened and Recall is strengthened. Memory, after all, is all about reading, meditating and recalling.
Vedas are the most ancient divine scriptures in the library of Mankind. They comprise a series of Mantras that enlighten the human mind about relationship between Man and his Maker.
Vedas are also called Shruti or a body of text that has been listened to and retained in memory. There are approximately 20, 000 mantras in all four Vedas, Rigved, Yajurved, Samved and Atharvaved. It is no mean exercise to read, meditate, memorise and recall the Ved mantras in chronological order as and when called upon to do so. Mind you, it is not just one student who does it. All brahmacharis of the Gurukul are expected to go through this exercise and produce the result by recalling the mantras. Will sex find a place in this kind of education? Not at all. Even making a mental image of a nude woman for art's sake is forbidden in the Gurukul system of Vedic shiksha or education where the aim is to attain what the Vedas prescribe as Moksha. Moksha is that state of blessedness where the soul is released from the perennial cycle of birth, death and rebirth. The four attainable stages before reaching the goal of Moksha are Dharm, Arth, Kaam and indeed Moksha. Suffice it to say that Dharm encourages a soul to lead a life of Righteousness, Arth is when you earn to make a healthy living, Kaam is fulfilment of desires within permissible limits and finally the soul attains Moksha when all stages have been gone through successfully.
Pray, tell me where is the time for sexy ruses. There is no opportunity to think of a female figure or about having sex with her. Allow me to say that Sex has been glorified by western writers beyond recognition. So much is spoken, written and talked about sex that it becomes mind blowing at times. What is confusing the minds of young boys and girls in the western hemisphere is blowing up sex out of proportion. More often than not, a successful man like JF Kennedy talks about having a woman three ways before he is through with her. If an individual is so preoccupied with a mundane desire like an intercourse with a friend or a partner, how on earth is he going to rise above it and think of enhancing his mental capacity to read and retain, what to say of recalling it at an appropriate time.
Many a time I marvel at a man from the western hemisphere at his mental ability to improve the weapon system, improve on agricultural and industrial growth and also become a super power financially.
Research is required to be done to find a suitable answer to this riddle.

A very thought provoking

A very thought provoking article. About the western over emphasis on sex, I would say, it has grown to the proportion of chronic disease. The Sex has an attraction to ascertin the continuity of life in the universe, but it needs no adverisement at all. Infact it requires to be protected from unnecessary provocations, but in this buisness minded & sensual western world, it is propogated and this is resulting in to burning of the fabric itself in which it resides. Man has become slave of his own body and the body today is eating its own self. But no one is ready to understand it.

Thanks Brigadier ji