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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Swami Vivekananda on Superstitions

On the very last day of his life (i.e. on Friday July 4, 1902):

“…Then he (Vivekananda ji) walked with Premananda along the Belur road for nearly two miles; he spoke of his plan of Vedic College and talked of Vedic study: ‘It will kill superstitions.’ He said.” (Ref: “The Life of Vivekananda and the Universal Gospel, by-Romain Rolland, pg. 138, Published by Advait Ashram Kolkata 2003)

In another biography of Vivekananda ji the account of this incident is given as under:

“In the afternoon he took a walk for about two miles with Swami Premananda and discussed his plan to start a Vedic College in the monastery.’What will be the good of studying the Vedas?' Premananda asked. 'It will kill superstition,' Swami Vivekananda said.”

May I request our those friends who have an aversion to our comments on various superstitions to reveal which superstitions made Swami Vivekananda ji so much worried and disturb for on his last day on earth?

I would also like to quote below one very important message of Swami Vivekananda ji:

“Such is the power of Superstition or faith in old traditions without inquiry into its truth, that it keeps men bound hand and foot, so much so, that even Jesus the Christ, Mohammed, and other great men believed in many such superstitions and could not shake them off. You have to keep your eye always fixed on truth only, and shun all superstitions completely.” (Ref: “Thoughts on the Gita” by: Swami Vivekananda, Published by Advait Ashram, Eleventh impression June 1986, Page 6)

Great scientist and Vedic scholar Swami (Dr.) Satya Prakash Saraswati has written at one place that – “it was the spirit of Dayananda speaking in Vivekananda at his closing year of life”. Doesn’t this seem true?

Our friends (particularly those who mistakenly believe that - “fight against superstitions is fight against Hinduism”) should think on this with calm and cool mind and need not get infuriated when superstitions are criticized by Arya Samaj based on scriptural (Vedic) testimonies and sound logics (su-tark). We should always remember that Religion (Dhrama) without true philosophy runs into superstitions.

= Bhavesh Merja

Adarneeya Bhavesh ji On

Adarneeya Bhavesh ji
On reading the discussions you are having with our Hindu brothers,(and to the extent I have read them), I feel they all have no knowledge & understanding about what AryaSamaj believes. Their understanding is limited to the beliefs that AryaSamaj opposes Murti Puja or Purans. Now the discussion can only be fruitfull if the two people in search of truth fully understand what the other man actually considers as right. I think we understand much clearly the way the Hindus believe, but the same is not true for a Hindu.

So it is very much desirable that Vedic Principles are propagated now through regular, small, brief well written articles in a very lucid, professional way through the medium of internet A lot of literature already exists in form of books of various Vidwans. But special effort is required to convert them in to easy to read & understand articles. This is required to explain
(i) Vision & Explaination of the Basic theories of Atma, Parmatma & Prakriti.
(ii) Its comparison with other theories prevalent
(iii) The vision of Sristi Vedic View & the view of others.
(iv) How to plan our families, family life to make it most fruitful.
(v) What is an ideal form of life.
(vi) What is the Dharma & what to achieve through it.

Like these there can be numerous topics. This Compact Wisdom of Vedic Dharma should be prepared with the help of existing literature written by great men, so that nothing is discorded & full benefit of their vast & rich experiences are made available in a compact form.

Its a big work but is very essential To ReWrite the whole of prevalent theories in to a form which are in accord with Vedic Dharma are absolutely Essential.