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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Facility of Question-Answer available on website

Questions-answers facility is available on Sri Swami Ramswarup Ji's following website:

He answers very ably based on the Vedas. Yes, for getting answer one has to wait for 1-2 days.

= Bhavesh Merja

Always accept the truth and

Always accept the truth and decline the false
Aadarniya Bhaveshji
I do not want to hide the truth.It does not take 1-2 days for getting the answer.I have asked nearly 10-15 questions or more may be,it took several days to answer.For the very first question I had to wait for 5-7 days.Then the answers took too much time.It took nearly 10-12 days.I am not saying false.When I asked him,then a message came which told me that he is busy in Yagya and his writings.This is not any criticism.
Thank you
Vinay Arya

Vinay Arya ji though it is

Vinay Arya ji though it is not criticism as told by you but it sound like one. Bhavesh ji is not entirely correct in saying that it takes 1-2 days in getting reply. It does take 6-8 days . Swamji remains busy in his work and over the years the number of devotees or otherwise asking queries has increased . I think swamiji will see to it that as the number are rising some arrangement have to be made so that the inquirer receives his/her reply as soon as possible .

Swamiji is replying to all

Swamiji is replying to all questions with context to vedas.We should appreciate the sincere efforts put by Swamiji.
Thanks to Swamiji for spreading knowledge of Vedas.

I sought answers from

I sought answers from Swamiji long time ago and normally got the same within 1-2 days.

Sri Vinayji's experience may be different than mine. However the important point is that this is a good facility for the seekers to get valuable guidance from such a person.

Some times it may also happen that when a person raises so many questions at a time, or raises one after another continuously, the answerer cannot afford to give responses to all such questions.

Any way, good facility should be utilized judiciously.

= Bhavesh Merja

Always accept the truth and

Always accept the truth and decline the false
I raised so many questions at a time.I raised about 7 questions in just ten minutes.Whenever I posted,I raised 5,6,3 etc. questions.