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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


Late Swami Sri Jagadishwarananda ji Saraswati, a great Sanyasi of Arya Samaj, wrote a small Hindi book - "Bharat kee avanati ke sat kaaran" means "Seven reasons for India's downfall". It got a very wide circulation and translated in to other regional languages and may still be available from M/s Vijaykumar Govindram Hasananda - Delhi; ref:

In the said book the following 7 reasons have been held responsible for the degradation of our great ancient country:

1) Idol-worship
2) Astrology - palmistry etc.
3) Wrong concept of Non-violence preached by Buddhists & Jains.
4) Shankaracharya's Adwaitvad (monism) in which World is treated just as a dream.
5) Belief in Incarnation of God
6) Internal fight and lack of unity
7) Useless army of so-called Sadhus and Fakirs etc.

The book is very effective for creating awareness among the masses and if some one translates and publishes it in to English it would be still more useful.

= Bhavesh Merja