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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Don't Let Religions Cross Lakhshman Rekhas

In the name of Religions man has crossed many a 'Lakshman Rekhas', whereever
required by him, to justify his wrong beliefs.

He believes in the principle of Nature, but when it comes to God, he think He
can break any law.

Is it possible for any Law maker to break his laws himself. If he breaks his
laws himself, then where law remains a law ?

We say the God is Nayakari, but we want Him to break his this law very often. We
always think & believe that He can forgive our sins, just only if we bring faith
in Him or do His Puja.

This is the source of all the ills of the world to day. this one wrong belief
has made our systems completely ineffective. Today the criminals are getting
mercy. Then where is the justice left ?? Just appeal to God, appeal to President
& get Mercy . The result is that thieves have become fearless, they now have no
fear of punishment. If the fear goes due to the prevailance of a wrong belief,
then it is more damaging than even not punishing. Because it is the FEAR that
stops the crimes from spreading, more than the actual punishment delivered but
not advertised.

By not punishing one criminal we endanger the lives of several people, still we
believe in this principle of mercy for our own applications & for the
application by God.

While the Justice delivered with proper Punishment can make the country strong &
healthy, the injustice in the name of mercy can ruin our Nation.

The second ill in our beliefs, where we easily cross our Lakshman Rekha is the
belief in 'AHIMSA PARMO DHARMA'. Now while Ahimsa is an important & essential
virtue, its application without understanding is dangerous. It can make us
cowards, not even fit for fighting our enemies, not to say of throwing them
away. Ahimsa means not hurting & not keeping any ill will towards any Prani, in
your mind & heart. It doesn't mean that we hesitate to kill a sinner, who
deserves the punishment of death.

The third mis belief, which crosses the Lakshman Rekha consists of many a
sayings prevailant in the name of Saints

(i) "Azgar kare naa chaakri, Panchhi kare na kaam, Dass Maluka kah gaye sab ke
Datta Ram."

Its application, without thinking, is disatrous. It has made our men lazy. While
the VEDAS say ' CHARE-VETI, CHARE-VETI' the doha inspires us not to bother about
doing any thing.

(ii) "Sai itna dijiye, jaame kutumb samayee, mai bhi bhookhaa na rahoo, Atithi
na bhookhaa jaye"

Now its application without thinkng easily crosses the Lakshman Rekha. While it
is good that we should not cry if we don't get sufficient, it is against the
principles of Veda, which says 'You earn with hundred hands & donate with
thousand hands' From where shall we donate with thousand hands if we have just
enough to satisfy our meager needs of hunger & that of an atithi only ?

If we believe in these non Vedic principles then we shall not work hard to earn,
we shall not take pains for our progress and hence shall stall the progrss of
the country. Further if we don't make use of our National wealth the enemies
shall loot it, as is going on these days in our country. The wiser men are
sitting peacefully, with the belief that 'kya karna hai adhik leke ? and the
corrupt are having heyday.'

Fourth - Similar to above are our belief systems in God, where we have crossed
all Lakshman Rekhas. We have crossed it in our SHRADHA, in our VISHWAS, in our
SAMARPAN. Application of all these is to be followed after gaining and
ascertaining that the True Knowlege & Satya Gyan has been acquired.

The God is a giver & not taker, we want to give him by actual physical things,
which we ourselves consume. What we have to give Him is our heart and nothing

God has to shower on us in return the virtues of Atma, mind, intellect &
physical health etc, what exactly we ask from Him is worldly things. These
worldly things shall be ours if we work for them, what we should ask from God
are the virtues we cant grow in us without the grace of God, like the bravery,
fearlessness love, kindness, Bliss etc etc.

There are various of such ills which have entered our psyche like a virus and
must be removed by a strong ANTI VIRUS.

And the AntiVirus is VEDAS & VED SHASTRAS only. So please Read Vedic Granthas ,
before adventuring on other man made Granthas.