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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्



Which way one may adopt ? is a BIG question, the man goes on fighting throughout his life, but never he gets the answer. And the result is he continues to follow what his father mother followed, without thinking, whether it is a right path ? Has it not got deviated from the True path over the years, due to hundreds of reasons ?
Every one is moving like a sheep, following, what the one ahead of it is following. Where shall he reach ???

The problem is that we can't see all the paths, due to the absence of any light, and hence are compelled to follow the beaten paths.

Now who can show us light ?

Life is running away, whether we are aware of it or not aware of it. All of a sudden one day its lamp shall get fused. Then there shall be all dark. None , who has not bothered before to arrange the alternative source of light, shall have any thing except to weep & weep, and nothing else he can then do. Then the man may be alloted some cheaper lamp with meaner body, with which he shall have to spend its next life. He may become any animal, any bird, any insect etc, but he may not be given this human body again.

If you are thinking that this is not correct, because your religion is teaching you something else, then pl. think, what else is possible at all ? Would you like to remain in hot or cold graves instead of getting the next life ? If so, for how much time ? The vast universe is not going to finish in few years. And even when it ends some time it has to reappear. So where is the possibility of getting some thing else than this same Universe again & again ?

So forget the presence of HEAVEN away from this existing Universe. There is none now, neither there shall ever be one away from this universe.

This infinite world has all possibilities built in it, so where are you finding the heavens elsewhere, and this false hope is effecting your thinking, your karmas and ultimately the results of your karmas.

Now where to get the light, which can show us the way ? For physical routs, we require physical light. Similarily for intellectual routs & Adhyatmic routs, we require the light of Knowledge and not this physical light. Where is this light of knowledge ?

Its a big question. Everyone says it is with him and with none else. So how to ascertain it ?

Very simple, check its few principles, then further check few principles and go on doing this way as much as you may like to go. Now if you don't get any thing wrong in it any where & every thing in synch with universal physical Truths, then accept it. If you find it deviating again & again, reject it. It is so simple.

There thus is the way out, you can find, using your own intellect. Then why not use this God given gift for your own benefit.



आपने सही

आपने सही लिखा है
परंतु आज लोग धर्म ओर विज्ञान को पृथक पृथक समझते है इसी वजह से व्यक्ति धर्म के नाम पर कुछ भी मानने को तैयार हो जाता है। व्यक्ति धर्म मे सच और झुठ की परीक्षा करने से डरता है।