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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Whom to believe?

Please see this link:
But look at the question- answers of Swami Ramswarup(Ved Mandir).We can point out the following things :.
Ramswarup says:(1)Yogi can fly
(2)Yogi can recall his previous lives.
(3)Yogi can become too large in size.
(4)Yogi can enter into the body of the others.
But,the given link does not say so.The given link is Arya Samaji.Please tell me if Swami Ramswarup is Arya Samaji if you know.If he is an Arya Samaji then please discuss too much with me.

Always accept the truth and

Always accept the truth and decline the false
Please see the page no.37 also.

namaskar! dekhiye mera


dekhiye mera vichar ye hai ki, yog se vyakti mein aisi shaktiya jagrit ho jati hai jinki kalpana bhi sambhav nahi...aisa swami dayanand kehte hai.

isiliye is vishay par adhik chintan karna ki ye shakti milegi ya nahi toh is tarah hai jaise karam se pehle hi fal ki chinta karna.
jabki arya sidhant se toh karma karne ke baad bhi fal ki chinta nahi karni chahiye.

baki kisi gyani ke uttar ki pratiksha kar sakte hai.


Always accept the truth and

Always accept the truth and decline the false
तो फिर ज्ञानेश्वर जी इन सिद्धियों का खन्डन क्यों कर रहें हैं?

dkrishnamurthy Practically


Practically it is not as simple as your sentence.
But we should be honest,we should not a problems to others.


मान्य आर्यवर, नमस्ते |

गीता में संजय ने धृतराष्ट्र को युद्ध स्थल का सारा हाल सुनाया यदि ये सच है तो योग की
उपरोक्त सिद्धियां भी सही हो सकती हैं | संजय को दिव्य चक्षु ज्ञान पातञ्जल योग दर्शन के
अन्दर वर्णित सुत्रों के अनुसार प्राप्त हुआ था | आज हमें पातञ्जल योग दर्शन का ज्ञान website पर उपलब्ध हो सकता है| मैने सभी 6 दर्शनों
का कोर्स किया था और इस बारे में योग दर्शन में जानकारी मिली थी |

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नमस्ते! यहा


यहां दिये प्रश्न एवं उत्तर दोनो ही रुचिकर हैं

स्वामी दयानन्द के अनुसार, ईश्वर ने यहां कुछ नियम बनाये हैं जिन्हे हम विज्ञान के अन्तर्गत पढते हैं, ईश्वर स्वयं भी उन नियमो को नहीं तोडता।

आप समझ ही सकते है कि यदि यह सब कुछ (जो आपके प्रश्न मे है) हो सकता है, तो केवल नियमो के अन्तर्गत।

नाव भी पानी तब ही तैर सकती जब वो लकडी की हो, पत्थर की नही। नाव शब्द तैरने लिये काफी नहीं

और, आर्यसमाजी आजकल वो कार्य भी कर रहे है जो नही करना चाहिए
- गले मे लोकिट पहनना
- फूलो को तोडना
- दहेज लेना
- झूठ बोलना
- मुर्ति पूजन
- और भी बहुत

आर्य मन, वचन और कर्म से होता है, नाम से नहीं

Always accept the truth and

Always accept the truth and decline the false
Now,this reason you can give to expalin that AryA Samaj has gone bad.But I cannot say that it is Arya Samaj now.Because Arya Stand for great.But Arya Samaj is doing now all of the superstitions which are done by the Hindus(kala kafir chor according to Muslims).So,if these fake persons can capture Arya Samaj to make it anarya samaj then we can open a new arya samaj which must be worked according to the rules of Swami Dayananda.
You believe that Yogi can fly without wings.So now can you believe that one can never die(with his body)?Would you say again that it can happen according to some rules?Do you believe that "Some things are possible and some things are impossible"?Can you say that a man without wings can fly?Do you know that is the actual meaning of Yog?Have you practiced youga reaLLY?Without practicing it a person can say a man can,could and never fly at any condition?If a man can fly then why did the Maharshi Dayananda not fly to go from one place to the other place so that he can preach with no loss of time?If man can fly without having any wings the n Why Vedas have said that make aeroplanes.Why does it not just say become a yogi and fly.Why does the Vedas say humans should make aeroplanes to go from one place to the other in order to cover larger distances if humans want to cover these much distances?If you have some proof that a man can fly with yoga put it on my stupid mind?

Try to think logicaly.......

Try to think logicaly....... and keep Swami Dayanad in your mind while answering/objecting on post/reply

Swami Dayanad was a Brahamchari, but he told about family life in his book "Satyarth Prakash" and i only told that if it's possible according to science

Do you know that a man always sink in the water, river or sea, if he doesnt know swiming. that means according to you, where ever is water, a man shud sink and die.

But my dear friend, if you know about the DEAD SEA, in this a man can not sink even he doesnt know swiming. Try to read about it.

Following of rule is good but blindly is always bad. God is the perefect to do everything. He can do in the limitation of his rules which is beyound your imagination.

And Yes to being a aryasamaji, first need to be a arya.... Puting title arya is not sufficient.......If they doing all things mentioned in my reply they are realy bad.

A aryasamji can be bad but Arya can never be...... because Arya is from inside, beyound the title or any group........

So,let me put the proof that

So,let me put the proof that a man ca never fly on this forum.
Suppose you are standing on the ground.Three forces are acting upon you.One is gravitational force in the downward direction and the second is the contact force in the upward direction by the ground and the third one is buoyant force in the upward direction.
Suppose,upward direction is positive and downward direction is negative.
So, buoyant force+contact force-Gravitational force=net force....(1)
Net force should be equal to zero as the man is at reast for the upward direction.So,our equation (1)becomes
buoyant force+contact force=gravitational force......(2)
If we have to go in the upward direction then we have to make gravitational force equal to zero.But gravitational force has to act upon it as two bodies always attract each other.So,you can't move in the upward direction.
So,now please tell me whether i ma going by logics or not.Please if you can add some new virtual force from the mind then just let me know if you want.But why don't you put the completete proof that a man can fly.You are just targeting me.

does man walk in space?

does man walk in space?

Always accept the truth and

Always accept the truth and decline the false
Respected IITian
Are you not changing the point?Okay let me consider i do not know anything.Now please tell me how can a man fly in our environment.

thats i said in my ealier

thats i said in my ealier post, if you read it carefuly...

"आप समझ ही सकते है कि यदि यह सब कुछ (जो आपके प्रश्न मे है) हो सकता है, तो केवल नियमो के अन्तर्गत।"

I never answer beyond the rules of God.

Dont be over excited.

Always accept the truth and

Always accept the truth and decline the false
Prove the fallacy of my statements.

why should i proove you?

why should i proove you? what will happen if I will Proov it? think twice about my words.

you admit that you have mother, you know her name. Do you have any proof that she is your mother? is there realy you need proof for every thing?

dont behave childish.try to focus on the matter and its importance.

Proove, that i said a yogi can fly. where i said without any if or but.....

Always accept the truth and

Always accept the truth and decline the false
Here,there is requirement to put some important words.Suppose,I say to you,this word is unreal,but just an imagination.After,hearing this from me,should you accept my words?My sentence can be generally of two types.One;false and the other;true.You should accept the true sentence only.But,how to know whether my sentence is true or false.
First way:If my sentence is according to the Vedas then it is true.Otherwise false.
Second way:If it is opposite to the nature's laws then it is false.Otherwise true.
Third way:If it is opposite to the words of an aapt purus then it is false.Otherwise true.
Fourth way:Find the eight proofs.
Fifth way:Asking yourself.LIke you want to be respected,then it means that you should respect others.
These are the five ways to find the truth.
Now,according to these five ways I can prove that a yogi can never do such impossible things.
By the first way:In some Rigveda mantra,it has been written that a jeev has limited power and cannot do everythig.(I do not remember the actual place of that mantra.)
By the second way:The mathematical roof above is saying that flying by a human being is impossible and is against nature's laws.
By the third way:Acharya jyaneshwara ji is an aapt purus and he says that a yogi can never fly.So,it is not possible.
BY the fourth way:I have practiced Yoga and found that I cannot fly.It is prtyaksh ppramaanam.If a yogi can fly then why did swami ramdev not fly and escaped from delhi police on the night of 4 june.
BY the fif th way:No one can fly this is my inner voice.
These are the five pramanas that prove a yogi can never fly.If we do the paanch pariksa then and only then we can obtain the truth.
Now,your question:
Akhilesh uvach:you admit that you have mother, you know her name. Do you have any proof that she is your mother?
Vinay:Well!DNA testing will help me to prove that "Saroj Arya" was,is and will be my mother.
So,there is proof of everything.

Vinay ji , apne tarkik

Vinay ji , apne tarkik prashn puche hain. Yog ke vishay mein maine bhi kai antar vidvanon ke beech paye hain.