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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Please help this ignorant person

Please see this
Alas!If Indians were somewhat educated.
What can we do for such persons who blindly criticise us without having any proof?These persons are spreading untruth saying to people that this is the truth.

My comments have been posted

My comments have been posted there as follows

"Kutte bhaukte rahite hai, kaafila chalta rahita hai."
Arya Samaj to yoon hi chalta rahega, jab tak ki Vishwa Arya nahi ban jata.
Aap kyon Kabir ji ki bhi reid peet rahe ho. Unko kabir hi rahene do, aur khud tum log bhi admi ke bachhe ban jao. Jhoot bol, bol kar kitni kamai kar loge. Kitni rishwat milti hai, Bhaarat mei bhram faillane ke liye. Abhi sambhal jao, varna, fall bhugatne ke samay, bahut kathinayee hogi. Swami Dayanand ji ki khyati mei to koi antar nahi aane walla, balki jitna jhoot likhoge, utna hi unki khyati badhti jayegi, utna hi Satyarth Prakash bhi adhik bikega, log adhik se adhik padhenge. Tumhare rokane se Satya kya kabhi rukane walla hai. ?Kyo MOORKHTA kar apni hii haani kar rahe ho ???"
हिन्दी में इस प्रकार पढ़ा जाएगा

"कुत्ते भौंकते रहते हैं, काफिला चलता रहता है |"
आर्य समाज तो यूँ ही चलता रहेगा जब तक कि विश्व आर्य नहीं बन जाता | आप क्यों कबीर जी की भी रेड़ पीट रहे हो | उनको कबीर ही रहने दो,और् खुद‌ तुम लोग भी आदमी के बच्चे बन जाओ | झूठ‌ बोल् बोल कर कितनी कमाई कर लोगे, कितनी रिश्वत मिलती है भारत में भ्रम फैलाने के लिए | अभी संभल जाओ वरन् फल भुगतने के समय बहुत कठिनाई होगी | स्वामी दयानन्द जी कि ख्याती में तो कोई अंतर नहीं आने वाला, बल्कि जितना झूट लिखोगे, उतनी ही उनकी ख्याती बढ़ती जाएगी, उतना ही सत्यार्थप्रकाश अधिक बिकेगा, लोग अधिक से अधिक पढ़ेंगे | तुम्हारे रोकने से सत्य क्या कभी रुकने वाला है | क्यों मूर्खता कर अपनी ही हानि कर रहे हो ???


Namaskar aryas om i have

Namaskar aryas om

i have posted comment over there which is very similar like this:

hello my all brothers & sisters , i am here to eliminate misunderstandings which is among the aryasamajis & anti - aryasamajis. look first of all there is written over there in satyarth prakash that the best thing is to have 'brahmcharya' throughout the life which is mentioned by maharshiji , & in addition he has tried to elaborate this issue by saying that to keep strict 'brahmcharya' is the art of only person who has deep understanding of vedas & fully knowledge of the hidden messages given by vedas ,means by 'permeshwar'. But those who are unable to carry out this can perform 'grihasti' after sufficient time when he seems to have reasonable knowledge of vedas & shastras means it could be age of 50+, .THE Father of our nation india -maharshi dayanand saraswati has enlighten this fact by actually examining this kind of situation in perfect manner. & for those like "saint" kabir whom do not have to think much about this ,& do not have to fall into assiduous work like reading vedas, comparing it to real situation, examining it very carefully , & draw conclusion in real manner not to please others like kabir had done. Kabir has just to do one thing & that declare himself as "Farishta" or incarnation of god in his body & all assiduous work will be shortened & on other hand u can also make money , & hence after that "jagat guru" rampalji like guys. look many persons in the world today does their primary education but some will after that do graduate,master or phd or even after that this was exactly situation in india & all over world many times ago ,all will have to take some knowledge of vedas ,shastras & thankfully not "kabirpuran" ,& after that some will observe messages given by vedas, some will do research & after that they got married & some were stepping forward even after that & accept work of great research for help of mankind of the world with help of vedas & shastras not with any other bad evil "religious" books.

And again maharshi dayanand ji was well wisher of india , those who have used bad words for the great one in above articles seems like anti-indians , & if u have any daubt about that then u can mail me even if it is opposing my views then also i will welcome it & i would like to welcome doubt or issues by rampalji or his followers & i am challenging them to carry out conference on yahoo if they have spunk come on there we will discuss it among all our friends who have some doubts,questions,issues or want to know something can come on there . dudh ka dudh pani ka pani wahin ho jayega.

But still my heart is saying even those who are anti-dayanand saraswati or devotee of jagatguru rampalji like guys , some of them & my goal is same == progress of our great motherland india . It might be that they have some confusion & hence some anger but still i think we guys should work as a team while our goal is same why to waste time in just arguments & comments & showing our ego like our fake judges & lawyers does in courtrooms. Come on yaar drop ego one side & do some real work otherwise our enemies will take benefit of our internal conflicts.

Lets solve our issues very quickly my brothers & sisters.
Jai Bharat . Hail India .Chak de India.

my email id:
By, Kushal Aary

Always accept the truth and

Always accept the truth and decline the false
Thank you!