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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

अमरनाथ यात्रा और शिवलिंग बारे स्वामी अग्निवेश का ब्यान‌

स्वामी अग्निवेश के खिलाफ इस्तगासा दायर हुआ है कि उन्होंने अमरनाथ यात्रा व
शिवलिंग को धोखा और पाखण्ड कहकर विवादास्पद ब्यान दिया है | ऐसा ब्यान
उन्होंने किसी ना किसी आधार पर ही दिया होगा, आर्यसमाज के सिद्धान्तानुसार
उनके विचार निराधार नहीं हैं परन्तु एक मुसलमान नेता सैयद अली शाह गिलानी उनके साथ
मिलकर यही ब्यान दे तो देश के लिये यह ब्यान लाखों लोगों की आस्था पर चोट है|
आर्य जगत में भी इसकी प्रतिक्रिया संभावित है |

..This is what an over

..This is what an over agitated Sanatani gentleman wrote in one of the discussions

"Yesterday, it was shocking to hear on TV your international president call the Amarnath pilgrimage, trekking, mountaineering and celebration of Mother Nature by common people of Bharat a ‘Paakhand’. His Arya Samaji nafrat against Moortipooja blatantly displayed on national and international media by implication made him blindly advise people from other parts of the country not to go to Jammu & Kashmir, not to have any religio-cultural links with our ancient Kashyapmeru (Kashmir) and thereby gradually smoothly facilitate its permanent separation from Bharat. It is obvious whose cause he stands for! He must be able to appreciate that Barfani Baba is also nevertheless a symbol of our nationalist assertion in areas bordering China and Pakistan. Did he not see last year how Barfani Baba mobilized the Jammu Hindus for the first time ever in their history and made nationalist heroes out of them and the separatist tabqa was forced to concede to their just demands? Barfani Baba also symbolizes aspects of Brahman who is formless and also can have form as and when he wishes. "

The statement made by Swami Agnivesh ji may not be a proper reason for provokation to Hindus, but as Acharyaji u have rightly pointed out that this statement if it has been given in collaboration with a Muslim political person is not at all a wise step.

The reply I submitted to above gentleman reflects, what to an extent AryaSamaj views on it can be.

"Well this Amarnath gufa is a gufa existing from millions of years, but some Muslim noticed a figure of snow and thought it may be of interest to Hindus. So started the Puja and it became a shrine. There use to be two pegions said to be living in this cave. Hindus when they see anything matching with their known figure, readily start doing its Puja. Going for adventure, for viewing the Natures beauties is OK , but just having a look at that formatiom called as snow ShivLinga from the purpose of achieving some God's Kripa from it, which is neither an ancient nor any authantic figure to be worshipped is not a wise thing. So Hindus must make it in such form that it doesn;t remain as a Darshan Sthal only. There should be an activity , say YOGA in Barfani Gufa. "



मान्य आनन्द जी नमस्ते,
निवेदन है मेरी अँग्रेजी कुछ कमजोर है आधा समझा आधा न समझा
दिमाग पर जोर देना पड़ता है और हिन्दी आराम से समझ आ जाती है,
अत: मेरे लिये हिन्दी ही उत्तम रहेगी | धन्यवाद

राजेन्द्र आर्य‌