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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्



Maryada Purshottam Shri Ram and Rakshas Raj Ravana were at daggers drawn after the latter abducted former's lawfully wedded wife, Sita Ji and that led to an epic battle in Lanka. They exchanged messages and had a talk of reaching a settlement honorably without causing bloodshed. In the exchange of several missives, Shri Ram always maintained his mental balance and never used an unparliamentary word for the abductor of his wife, Sita Ji. In Shri Ram's communication POISE was discernible and there never figured a word or an expression that was unusable by a member of the House of Raghu of Ayodhya. On the other hand, expressions of Ravana were not so polished as should have been since they came out of the mind and mouth of the King of Lanka. Expressions of each of the two belligerents displayed the culture and upbringing. Shri Ram was head and shoulders above Lankapati Ravana and the latter knew it in the heart of his hearts.
Moving out of that golden age of culture and civilization and coming to the modern age, we find that man has ceased to be MAN. The animal instincts in human beings have had the better of him. Man of today has lost the Balance and Poise that were the ornaments of the human race. Is the man of today bereft of sound advice and guidance by someone who could be the Role Model for others. The humans of today have lost touch with the Divinity, show lack of interest in scriptures and act just instinctively. The animal instinct among human beings are predominant and prevent him or her from being a Man.
The holy VEDAS, most ancient scriptures in the library of Man, enjoin on human beings to be Human Beings rising above animal instincts and passions. MANURBHAV - be a human being, so says the divine injunction contained in the Vedas. Of course, only those who love God, they believe in the virtues of human life. On the contrary, those who love Mammon, they never bother about culture, civility and abstinence from animal instincts. Just making money by hook or crook does not lead you anywhere. Finally you land up in a blind alley and no ray of hope for future is discernible there. The life there is hellish and the soul is condemned to live in dark abyss for ever and ever.
Heaven and Hell, both exist in this world. A man himself paves the way to Heaven or Hell through his thought and action. If I have been unfortunate and have been deprived of good grooming by mother, father and Acharya, I shall pave the way to hell myself. On the other hand, if I were fortunate enough to get good grooming by parents and Acharya( who is manynotches higher than a simple teacher), I shall pave my way to Heaven right in this world and in this life. Use of good expression that does not smack of baser instincts and does not betray poor upbringing, will always go to polish my personality and earn laurels in a civilised society. On the other hand if I call my opponent in an intellectual discussion names, it means I have lost both the intellectual and spiritual battles.
In the heat of the moment while a discussion is going on, I have no right to call my political opponent a THUG, because that unparliamentary expression leaves me a defeated man. Moreover, in the Indian cultural ethos, a Sanyasi is a respected man and notwithstanding divergent views, the Sanyasi is entitled to be given all respect by a Grihasth, come what may.
Likewise, women too have been given a place of honour in the household and the social set up. If I wish to criticise the action or inaction of a lady I have to be extra careful that I do not hit her below the belt. As a good Indian and as a good Hindu born and brought up in the Vedic ethos, the Vedic injunction must guide me come rain come shine,
Let us remember the Vedic word MANURBHAV - BE A HUMAN BEING.

Adarneeya Sawant ji You have

Adarneeya Sawant ji
You have given a very timely advise for all, specially for our congress's Diggi mahodya and others. They shouldn't forget that this chandni raat is very short. May it not happen, that they have to pay back for all the senseless talks & deeds, which they are carrying out very proudly at present. This is equally true for our Media also, who are misusing the freedom in favour of their paymasters and ignoring the masses & indulging in violent exeggressions crossing the cultural limitations of our spiritual country.

Thanks for the valuable guidance