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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


Namastey to all of you aarya bandhus.
this is my message & request to all of you to give counter reply to those
anti-hindu, anti-aryasamaj,anti-veda nonsense muslims.who are running anti hindu
websites .
refer to following url & post reply over there about what is truth:

& also
some of you may & may not know anti-satyarth prakash book Haq-prakash
u can read it below:

in that book maulavi has given wrong supportless evidences to give reply to
Satyarth prakash's 14th sammulas.

My intention to publish this message is that at-least all of we should correct
issues questioning eternity of vedas given over there ,we may not be able to
convince all the general group of people or those ill-minded Muslims who have
mindlessly or without solid evidences accused our great vedas , so publish
message for this issues