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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

A new forum added to the site: Questions/Answers

A new forum has been added to this site specifically for the purpose of asking questions and getting answers. If you have any question related to Vedic philosophy, Aryasamaj etc. please make good use of this.


Namastey ji ! You have

Namastey ji !

You have changed the presentation of the website also.

But somehow, I find that the site does not attract as many visitors, as does Aryasamajonline or many others of this type.

You must be monitoring the number of visitors. What appears to us as visitors is the number of responses or comments on the Articles / blogs / forums on your website. This number is hardly impressive.

I wish you all the best in the year 2009.


Namestey Aditya ji, I'm

Namestey Aditya ji,
I'm not sure what the answers to your questions are. If you have suggestions for involving more people then please do let us know.
Yes we have a new look, hope you like it better than the old one.

Namastey Anupam ji, The new

Namastey Anupam ji,

The new look is better inasmuch as it is cleaner and wider.

But the Recent Posts listing is missing. Is that to avoid the hard fact that there are not many recent posts or what all I raised in my earlier post ?

You only brought a reference to Sangh Parivar website in one of your posts. How is it that Sangh Parivar website gets many more visits and posts ?

There is a need for introspection and follow-up for improvement.

I had a suggestion for carrying out a survey of all those who visit Arya Samaj to check how they happen to be in Arya Samaj. I am sure a great majority would be those who got it through their family. How about others ?

How many are first generation Arya Samajists ?

There would be a large number of those, who diverted away from Arya Samaj even though their parents were in Arya Samaj. Why ?

You can carry out such a survey both through the Internet using your website, other links and by getting some simple questionnaires filled up in weekly Arya Samaj Satsang or the big congregations organised by our 'leaders'.

The data available from such a survey would give you a lot of suggestions for improvement and involving more people effectively.



"But the Recent Posts

"But the Recent Posts listing is missing. Is that to avoid the hard fact that there are not many recent posts or what all I raised in my earlier post ?"

No, it was done to avoid duplicates and make better use of available space. You can see recent posts at the top of the page.

If people are not visiting the site, who will take the survey?

In my view we should concentrate more on adding good content rather than worring about lack of visitors which is an effect not the cause. Secondly we are not competeing with other websites. You would see we try to provide content and a forum that’s not avaiable for Araysamajees elsewhere.

Having said that, we would welcome your suggestions. If you can help with some concrete actionable plan, that you can execute with little help, then you are welcome to join us.


The new look gives better &

The new look gives better & wider reading space, ofcourse that may be at the cost of other things. But this serves the main purpose, in a better way. Sh Aditya ji has given some very good suggestions for improvement of this site. Ofcourse it is much desirable to develop this site to serve the purpose which such e-sites can achieve. One main purpose this site can accomplish is towards the fullfilment of the 3td Principal of AryaSamaj, i.e., VED KA PADHNA PADHANA OR SUNANA SUNANA SAB ARYO KA PARAM DHARAM HAI. This site facilitate writing in both Hindi & English and hence while we can use it to write daily, weekly or monthly any one Mantra from say VED Shastras, UPNISHAD, GEETA, RAMAYANA etc as may be available to anyone, this will fulfil the above requirement to a great extant. For achieving other main purpose as 'KRINVANTO VISHWAM ARYAM' many Vidwans have to come forward. Its a very wise suggestion to circulate in big Arya congregations about the use of E sites, so that more and more people are attracted towards using these sites. I think if our students in Gurukuls & Arya Schools are made aware of such sites ,their participation can immensely improve the status of Arya Samaj.When such movement will start number of AS sites available now would be found wanting. The other important factor which requires attention of all ARYA SAMAJ is that they should have the provision of Computor & Internet facility in each AS. and not only this there should be facility to educate users in its use. This can help in utilising the great man power of older men & women which at present is just going waste and in interveawing of world Arya Samaj towards a close link. To train & facilitate maintainence of computors we can make use of young Aryas, which at present are not coming to A Samaj,because when there is a purpose then there is a temptation to achieve. I think we need not compare one site with other. Let each site be complimentry to other and serve the purpose as much as can be done. Atleast this is true for the time being. In fact there shall be a big dearth of AS sites in future.
To achieve such things each & every ARYA has to put his full efforts. I am sure somehow we are moving forward in this direction, though at a low pace.
I would request Anupam ji to try to increase the participation of atleast all the present members.


नमस्ते अनुपम जी,

आप ने वेब्साइट तो अछ्छी बनाई है, विशेषतया जो हिन्दी टाइपिन्ग की सुविधा दी है बहुत ही सुन्दर है. मेरी बधाई स्वीकार करे. थोडी कठिनाई आती है लेकिन मुझे बहुत अछ्छी लगी.

आनन्द बक्शी जी और रविन्द्र आर्य जी की प्रेषित रचनाओ को आप विशेष महत्व देते है. आनन्द जी बहुत ध्यान से पढते और लिखते है. बहुत समय आपकी वैबसाइट के लिये देते है.

लगता है आप भी बहुत सन्तुष्ट है.

मेरी शुभ कामनाये



नमस्ते अनुपम जी,

आपने सम्पादन तो आरम्भ कर दिया है. कुछ प्रेषित सामग्री को निकाल दिया गया है. आप अपने अधिकार को अच्छी तरह से निभाये एसी मेरी प्रार्थ्ना है और अपेक्शा भी.

आपने अनूपन जी के ब्लाग को जो स्थान दिया है वह समझ नही आया. कुछ समय पहिले तो वह स्वामी दयानन्द सरस्वती जी के इतिहास के बारे मे जानने के लिये पूछ रहे थे और अब उनके द्वारा प्रेषित सामग्री को आप आवश्यकता से अधिक महत्व दे रहे है. शायद आपने ध्यान से देखा नही.

बीच मे कुछ समय के लिये यह वैबसाइट ही गायब हो गई थी. इससे अच्छी और साइट मिल गई है. उनको ही देख लेते है.

मेरी शुभ कामनाये


Namestey Aditya ji, This is

Namestey Aditya ji,
This is an un-moderated site. Except the main Article from Shri Agniveer, there has been no promotion of any individual's blog or post. They appear according to their own popularity, posts and traffic.
I didn't quite understand what you said about finding other site. Please exlain.


Namstey Anupam ji, I

Namstey Anupam ji,

I disagree. You have finally deleted the postings from Anupan's blog and renamed one of them as 'Duplicate'.


Thanks & regards


Namestey Aditya ji, I have

Namestey Aditya ji,
I have not deleted any post. They only have been re-titled. The site is unmoderated as far as posings are withing its basic charter. If a post is based on mis-information or is fundamentally wrong, then we do have to correct it.



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