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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Facts about Pepsi/Coca Cola

Dear friends,


Believe or not!!!!

Pepsi and Coca Cola Contains PORK (PIG) extracts - PROVEN!!

Shocking / Bad News :

Pepsi and Coca Cola contains extract from Pork (Pig)
Most of the people avoid Pepsi and Coca-Cola for various reasons:-
Because of harmful chemical contents such as excessive carbonates, etc.

Now there is yet another reason which is more dangerous. The scientific
and medical research says that drinking Pepsi
& Cola leads to cancer because the key element is taken from Pigs sausage.

The pig is the only animal that eats dirt, dung and urine, which makes lethal and deadly fabric polluted germs and microbes.

Rajendra P.Arya

Thanks for such an Important

Thanks for such an Important information