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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्


Arya Samaj organized the fragmented and diversified Hindu Society. Arya
Samaj gave a new dimension of social responsibility to the impoverished
companionships of many denominations, sects, Sampradayas and cults. To
the withered socio-economic desperation a new improved direction and
renewed perception of self, a new identity and new zeal to undertake reform
through education and equitable treatments in all the spheres of life to all the
people including females. The idea was- if mothers in the whole society are
educated, the progeny will be better cared, reared and easily accomplish
education and then through the education the ignorance will automatically
disappear, thus benefiting the whole society. The ‘Shudhdhi Andonal’, or reconversion
to former fold of Hindu section was a boon for the Hindus. To
get rid of the social evils of untouchability and cast educational institutions
were opened, the added benefit is to help the Hindu society pray together
and stay together. Except giving up the Idol worship or Murti Pooja, Hindu
society has accepted all the reforms as suggested by Arya Samaj.
What Hindu society gave to Arya Samaj:
In turn the whole Hindu society gave to Arya Samaj the title of ‘Arya
Samaji’ to the followers of Arya Samaj. Unfortunately the followers of Arya
Samaj have fallen prey to this title and adopted the title without thinking and
analyzing deeply. It is really a travesty for Arya Samaj followers to use this
title as it restricts them to a very narrow boundary. Swami Dayananda never
wanted to restrict to ‘Arya Samaji, in stead he wanted the whole world to be
‘Arya’, as Vedas say ‘Krinvanto Vishvamaryam’. Therefore, I request to all
the followers of Arya Samaj to use the term ‘followers of Arya Samaj’ rather
then ‘Arya Smajist’. The very word ‘Arya Smajist’ restrict the basic tenets of
making the ‘Arya’ to a very limited, narrow, closed group of people called
Arya Samajist, it is an anti thesis of ‘Krinvanto Viashyamarym’.