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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

why do we need to answer ignorant religions like jainism also??

Namastey to all aryas,

We are nowadays seeing that muslims are conducting many anti veda operations, & they want to prove anyway that vedas are not eternal with "sam,dam ,dand bheda" but indeed they will never succeed because it's not true. Consequently we are also giving them great replies by giving reasons why islam & quran is hodgepodge of torah of judaism & bible of christianity & not any oldest one as they are always claiming, & giving them counter replies why vedas are indeed eternal & oldest scripture on the earth.

But in this rush , we need to take in account few more things as well, first is judaism(jewish) arguments by which jewish claims hebrew as the source of all languages & not sanskrut. If we debate about "who is oldest on the earth", there is always disputes between jewish scholars & hindu scholars, because world knows that judaism is root of both christianity & islam & adam-eve theory was first introduced by torah . And since jewish always claim hebrew as mother of all languages & torah as divine book, & jewish as oldest religion.

Still they do not disturb us as much as one another ignorant religion does named jainism. we all aryas know that jainism & its so called foolish non violent messeges & its ascendancy in ancient india are some of the reasons of india's downfall. Jainism had introduced idol worshipping to india, & hinduism has not yet come out from its influence . But still nowadays ignorant jainis trying to make different ways thrugh which they can prove jainism as the oldest religion as they were doing in time of shankracharya, & prakrut as oldest language.

an article is described on a website

which is written by a charlatan jain, who claims prakrit as comparatively older than sanskrit & gives decieving supportless reasons for it.
Jainis are still as coward as they were in the ancient time & in the time of dayanada saraswati. Maharshi Dayanandji had commented in satyarth prakash that jainis were not publishing their books to non believers because they were afraid perhaps it might be explored how jainism is fragile religion . Same thing will happen if you try to put some comment there since they dont publish comments unless it is verified .

Following are the comments which i have tried to put over there:
if prakrut is oldest language & vedas are written after jain books then why in vedas there is not description of a single event related to jainism & its comic stories. If valmiki ramayan & ved vyasa mahabharat is after your jainism then why there is not any indication of jain gods & their idols. On the contrary , why in jainism books there is mention of valmiki, ved vyasa etc. arya sages & mention of protest against vedic brahmins in your books. These all above things have appeared in jainism & still you are claiming jainism & prakrut even before vedas is absolutely full with anachronistic arguments. We aryas know that how you guyz had entrapped innocent people of india in ancient times after mahabharata. But now you will no more succeed in your desire, because people of india at present are enlightened with "satyarth prakash".

Sri Kushal ji, I appreciate

Sri Kushal ji,
I appreciate your this effort. Jains always try to claim antiquity of their sect on such various grounds and therefore this point was highlighted by Swami Dayananda in the very sub-preface of the 12th chapter of Satyarth-Prakash.
= Bhavesh Merja

Thanks Bhavesh ji, Nice to

Thanks Bhavesh ji,
Nice to see you back on this site & get replay from you. We may be knowing much about jainism than others , because we both are gujaratis & here in gujarat jainism is much stronger than it is in any other part in the world. We many times hear the news how one jain "sanyasi sadhu" enforced female sanyasi one for something to do etc.

Dear Kushal Arya ji This is

Dear Kushal Arya ji
This is not the only one case in which a male jain sadhu enforced the woman for something to do.I read my local newspaper also.The newspaper's name is "Kalam Kala".In that I found that a female sadhvi enforced a girl for something to do.So,it is the worst case.Nothing can be more bad than this.What can be more bad than this?A sadhvi which is considered to be of high spirituality does such kind of things.It was the only reported case.The newspapers says "it is the belief of the neighbours of the so-called sadhvi that she used to have vyabhichara with many woman.Now,please do not think that it is impossible.Many sadhvis have made it possible.
Vinay Arya