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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

IIT Delhi, is not aware about the logic/vedas?

Recently, I was in ISKCON temple, I had come to know the there is a big group of ISKCONIAN in IIT Campus.
IIT is known for the best brain and it's said by all over the world. I was aware about their participation in ISKCON activities, as well following their rituals. They have been tought about Krishan, Gita, Vedic philosophy, and they found it logicaly, truth and universal.

The question is their, is the philosophy of ISKCON is vedic/true? or We (Aryasamajis) are not doing anything to spread truth/vedic philosophy. What are we realy doing?

I aapriciate ISKCONIAN, in their dedication and truthfulness, whatever they are doing..... I know they are not doing anything good.

Jago Aryo Jago!

Always accept the truth and

Always accept the truth and decline the false
The number of Aryas in the world is less.A few aryas cannot do everything.

we always cry like that, We

we always cry like that, We should take a example of Anna team... We are more then that......

Mr. Akhilesh You

Mr. Akhilesh
You are having some doubt about AryaSamaj,because AryaSamaj is working,but bad persons are a hurdle in front of it.Bad persons are providing wrong information regarding the AryaSamaj.Suppose a river is flowing and somebody stops it by making dam,so the river will stop.Similarly,the AryaSamaj is working,but bad persons have stopped him.The number of bad persons is more.
And regarding Anna Hazzare,how did he live without eating for 13 days?You may be knowing that a person who do not eat food has to die.
Now I provide the proof that a person dies without food.
Food molecules are supplied to the cells continuously.Food molecules are breaking inside the cell and giving us energy.Suppose,we do not eat food now.Then no molecule of food will reach our cells.And no energy will be provided as the breaking of molecules will stop.So,his energy will keep on going down.The molecules which act as organelles inside our cells lso start breaking thereby destroying our cells hence killing us.So,it is a false message the the so-called person has kept fast for 13 days.
If there is any evidence which proves that one can live without food then please represent it to me.If it will come out to be true then I will certainly except the truth and will change my view.
In order to spread the truth,we need to have many Aryas.Swami Dayananda Saraswati tried to spread the Vedic truth and he was stopped by the bad persons.POison was given to him.Similarly,there were many Aryas who gave their life for Vedas.But now,nobody tries such a method because one will have to face extinction.We should at least keep the true knowledge of Vedas in our mind.If possible then give it to your children.Advise your children to give that knowledge to their children.Similarly if at present 30 lakh Aryas Start doing like this then they can make more than 1 crore Aryas in this new generation.Then those 1 crore aryas will create more aryas.Hence the number will keep on increasing.
The one thing which should be done by the present Aryas is to give at least three hours to teach other students the Vedas.Like,this the number of Aryas will increase drastically without any war peacefully.we have to just spread it.When we the Aryas will put the Vedic knowledge to the world with proof then they will certainly have to accept the vedic knowledge.

You Speak like JEHADIS in

You Speak like JEHADIS in Islam.

Arya is not noble for himself only for others too....... Compliment is needed for every noble work.

Try to read about Swami Nigamanad, Uttaranchal.

or do din tak main svaym bhi

or do din tak main svaym bhi bhukha raha kar dekh chuka, kewal jal par. tum khud try karo, kyoki tum to kisi ka likha aur bola manoge nahi.

Always accept the truth and

Always accept the truth and decline the false
bhai sahab aap praman to prastut kare apani tiivra buddhi se.

ask to doctor, who says that

ask to doctor, who says that a person can live widout air for 3 minutes, without water 3 days, and without food 3 weeks. and it can be inhance by the will power of the person.

if you wana proof, then come to me. i will not give you food for 3 weeks and you will survieve..... then you will have an experience and it wud be the best proof... because you dont believe on anyone....

So when you are coming?

and its written in

and its written in Ramayan

Daiv Daiv aalasi pukara.

why you saying others are bad and the stoped you... you can leave the home like dayanand, you can enlight the world again, you can uplift the aryasamaj... are you handikept? or just you know how to complain or abuse others?

think over it...

Always accept the truth and

Always accept the truth and decline the false
One doctor says that a man cannot live without food for more than 3 days.Swami Ramdev was destroyed in just 8 days of his fast.Swami Ramdev is more yogi than Anna.So,how did anna survive for thirteen days???