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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

What is the activities are doing by Aryasamaj?

Please let me know the activities doing by Aryasamaj in the following fields:

1. Study of Vedas or philosophy of vedas at elimentry level, except Gurukul.
2. Helping in the Medical fild / Yoga with maximum convienent
3. Protection of Cow, and dairy products for low income person.
4. Meternal, petranal, family guidance/workshop for general person.
5. Strenghen / Uniting the aryasamjis and new commers.
6. For Enviornment except Havan/Yagn.
7. Logical/spritual seminar/workshop/classes on relgular basis or in open for public
8. Lab/record rooms of the technicality of Vedas, or the things givin in literature of aryasamaj, which they used for refernces.
9. Political/Civic/Law & Justic school/institution.
10. Lab/school/institution for Math/science/history to proven facts mentioned in Vedas
12. special workshop for prevention of crime/sucide/poverty/marriges
13. Any other, relevent.

It will be help to see our progress and to communicate further

Always accept the truth and

Always accept the truth and decline the false
You are really a person who speaks false but throws his waste product o the noble persons.You have been said,Gurukul should only be the place for the study of the Vedas and you do not agry with this statement.This shows how rich are you and also shows that you have never read any Satyarth Prakash like book.But you are saying that you have read it.So,you are completely a false a quake fellow.

its realy funny to have

its realy funny to have comments from you. I dont feel bad, because you are in the age exploring. Time will teach you a lot. and yes you are realy not reading my posts carefully.

Try to read them again and againg, It will give you different vision at different time.


In an age of electronic

In an age of electronic communication/knowledge, the activities of Arya Samaj is documented internationally. Apart from the religious focus on ....Back to the VEDAS..........,education,social reforms,medical clinics, charity ...............have all been activities of Arya Samaj!

But i found all these just

But i found all these just for showing off. you can visit the Gurukul of Gautam nagar, Delhi. Cant we associate it school of science, art, culture to attarct/benefit more people.

Schools are 'heartbeat' of

Schools are 'heartbeat' of Arya Samaj!! DAV institutions are the largest non governmental organisation in the world...which includes the Gurukula system of education for dissemination of Vedic knowledge, which often include the arts.

Arya Samaj is the proud torch bearer of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati!

what's the fee for 1st class

what's the fee for 1st class in DAV?