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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Does Aryasamaji bring their Children or grandchildren on sunday prayer?

If you walk on the in sunday morning (early morning), where most of community is Christan, you will find most of Catholic/prostent on the road with Bible and with their children or grand children. They do it on regular basis. Church provide them cab/bus as per convineance, or they contribute for it. I never attanded Sunday Church.

But one i have been their in Bible class on tuesday. It was at one friend's Priest's home. Their were good enough people from every class and i came to know they come regularly.........

The thing I observed that they were in harmony and in their own rituals, whatever they have been tough.

Do we as aryasamajies are doing the things as we have been tought by "Styarht Prakash" or "Vedas".

Is going to temple a really loveing deed for us?

Our religion (Dharm) should not be burdon for us, we should enjoy it?????/

Always accept the truth and

Always accept the truth and decline the false
You should first open your eyes.
A group of great persons is known as AryaSamaj.First,you should respect AryaSamaj as it is great.Now,you are having problem with it.You say that AryaSamajies should rise from the bed."Oh!Should you say this to a great person"?
You are taking AryaSamaj with cult creed etc etc.No.It was never any cult.You are having a problem with the persons who speak false even if they write Arya before their names.See,AryaSamaj never said to write Arya after their names.Look at Bhavesh Merja ji,Anand Bakshiji,etc, on this forum,for example,who do not write any Arya names after thei names.But,even they are AryaSamajists.Look at me,Ravindra Aryaji,Rajendra Aryaji,Kushal Aryaji etc. who put Arya after their names.Ravindraji and Rajendraji are AryaSamajists,Kushal Aryaji are a new Arya.I do not know whether I am Arya or not,but I put Arya after my name because I consider myself the son of Aryas.
Similarly,there may be several persons who put Arya after their names.
And,also,there may be some Aryas who put the Arya word even if they are not Arya samajists.So,what can AryaSamaj do for that?Kyaa arya samaj ne jaat nirdharit karane ka theka le rakkha hai?So,please go to those persons who say false but put the word Arya.

All AryaSamjies are working according to the vedas as their name is Arya or great.
And from your last questions,you look to be completely a modern fellow sho has no interest in the religion.

u r diverting from the

u r diverting from the topic.