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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

See,I am a boy and I will ask some unnecesarry questions which i do not think are unnecessary

On this forum,there have been many fights between me and most of the other persons on this forum.Now,you all can see from my previous posts that nobody could prove fallacy of my statements until now.But,I do not think that I have got the truth.If you were in physical contact with me,then you would have seen that I too is not working according to my principles.Because I feel that I have not got the complete truth.When I start talking everybody says me to be a stupid.Even,I had talks with my parents who said that your a the greatest stupid of all times.My parents teach me that speak false,give harmful water to the poor but pure water to the rich,do not let enter poor person in the home but if i do not let enter a rich person in the home i got a slap.So,well,I do not know what the truth is.You all know the truth.Please comment on this that are these teachings by my parents good.
Q.You are a person who do not respect your parents.
Q.You are having negative thoughts about your parents.
Q.जो माता पिता पर शक करता है वह सबसे नीच होता है.
Ans.Should I not look for the truth?
Q.माता पिता जो कहते है वही सत्य है.
Ans.It never happened.
Q.तुम अभी छोटे हो बडे होगे तब समझ जाओगे.
Ans.My parents are human beings and a soul.A soul is not necesaarily to be always right.

थाक थाक थाक।।।।।
तुझसे अधिक कुता और कौन् है?अरे तेरे जैसे नीच पुत्र को जन्म देकर हमने बड पाप किया है.
जी करता है तुझे मार डाले.
आन्स्.But what is the purpose of my life,I do not know.I.....

थ्हाक थाक धग् धग् ध ध और डाल दिये पच्चास मुक्के.
और मै वह से भाग निकला.
कमर टूट गयी थी.
अब बडी मुश्किल से ठीक हुई थी.

देखिये।क्या मै आपके साथ यह सब बाते कह सकता हू?
मै आपको यह नही कह रहा कि यह जो कथा मैने मैरे बारे मे कही है वह सब आपको सत्य ही स्वीकारने पडेगी.
लेकिन जितना दु:ख मैने सत्य बोलकर उठाया है उतना कभी भी नही उठाया है.लेकिन मै इस दु:ख को भी सुख समझ के सत्य बोल बोल कर के अपनी जिन्दगी जी रहा हू.मुझे यह नही पता कि आप सबको मुझे मेरी इधर उधर की कथा कहनी चाहिये वा नही.फिर भी मै आशा करता हू कि विद्वान लोग मुझे यह सिद्ध कर देङे कि माता पिता की ही बात सत्य होती है अन्य की नही.

जी नहीं

जी नहीं माता पिता कि ही बात हमेशा सत्य और सही हो ऐसा आवश्यक नहीं है | आपको अपनी बुद्धि से काम भी लेना चाहिए |
यद्यपि अधिकतर प्रसंगों में माता पिता सही होते है , कारण कि उनकी उम्र और उनका सांसारिक वेइवेक आपसे अधिक होता है , लेकिन फिर भी ऐसा हर बार हो आवश्यक नहीं है |

अब यदि किसी का पिता शराबी हो जारी हो , और शराब को सही बताने लगे तो क्या शराब उचित हो जाएगी ? नहीं !
इसीलिए माता पिता से मतभेद हो सकते है , और माता पिता गलत भी हो सकते है , लेकिन ऐसा बहुत हि कम होता है | इसीलिए यदि किसी ऐसी दुविधा में है तो प्रामाणिक ग्रंथो का , उपनिषदों तथा वेदों के ज्ञान कि कसौटी पर कस कर परख लें और चाहें तो और ज्ञानी पुरुषों से विचार विमर्श कर सकते है |

Always accept the truth and

Always accept the truth and decline the false

Jvb ji 1. I have seen your

Jvb ji
1. I have seen your earlier posts where you are advising people on complex and critical issues. Today you say that you are very young and confused about how to handle your parents and about truth. So first of all try to have a clarity on certain basic issues , some level of stability in your thinking and mannerism . After you have acheived a level of calmness than advise others.
2. You can question any one in your pursuit for truth but you should be polite, flexible and respecful. Specialy when it comes to you parents. Vedas informs about 5 devas who we should respect, serve or worship. One among those 5 are parents. So first truth for you is respect and serve yor parents, god directs this in the vedas.
3. Now comes important aspect of obeying what is told to you. Dont agree to what ever is told by your parents , specialy in spiritual matters. Cross check it with true vedis knowledge from a book or a learned person. By why should you create ruckus in your house, if you dont agree to what your parents tells you , dont disrespectfully tell them their foly or ignorance. Try to debate or discuss peacefully. If that does not work keep quiet and do your Yoga abhyas and meditation. I am assuming you practice ashtang yoga , if not than atleast learn certain basic asans and pranayam from a vedic saint.


As i know and feel, Our soul

As i know and feel,
Our soul is the best judge. Everyone teach us in this world sometime wrong, sometime right. as i read few spritual books, i found that a man can follow all the principle of any religion but he will have cut himself from the society, Practicly its not possible for us.

See, God is the perfect one, He knows our requirment. And he blessed everything to us whatever required. If we are not agree on any point with our parents or teacher or any elder person. We should not argue with them, we should inquire. We should disobey directly, we should should try to make them understand that we are not able to do this. We are not here to proove anyone wrong, we are here to proove us right.

Our deeds present us in the society. We cant follow everything as it is until our soul recomnd that. Dayanandji also said that don't follow the literature, which is made by Vyasji until its not according to the virtue, habit and deeds of God.

Truth (Whatever we see, feel and understand about anything, that is actualy that kind of)

False (Our own perception, where we ignore our own inner voice)

And, That person is Great, who is in the searcfh of Truth. not who found the truth.

Always accept the truth and

Always accept the truth and decline the false
Whatif it happens like following:
Vinay:Would you hear me please father?
My father:Yooo!Stupid!How the hell!I know everything.I have heard everything.
dhag dhag dhag
Vinaya:At least hear me
Father:dhag dhag dhag.

thn stop to say.... say

thn stop to say.... say infornt of, who diserve it.....

fighting is not a solution.... it creat always problems.....