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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Modern Science and Existence of God

Science (as generally understood today as physical science or material science) has so far not admitted that some thing like Ishwar (= Brahman = God) do exist.

So we don't find any express mention or any specific chapter on God or Soul (= individual soul, Aatmaa or Jeevaatmaa) etc in the current scientific books.

A scientist individually may be a theist or an atheist or a sceptic - but that doesn't represent the common voice or opinion of the science or the entire community of the scientists.

It is obvious that the scope of the modern physical science is limited to only material world, physical world - only up to the matter or physical energy (Urjaa). God and soul are not its acknowledged subjects of formal enquiry or investigation.

In Vedic or Indian tradition the scope of "Science" (in Sanskrit Vi-Gyaan) was far wide covering any thing or every thing that exists - whether it be a material thing or non-material (conscious) thing.

God and Soul - both are well covered in the scope of Vedic science. The existence of both of them has been duly proved in the Vedas and other true Vedic books authored by various great seers and sages, based on the appropriate evidences, logic and reasoning etc.

Brahman(= God = Ishwar) is One and Unique (Adviteeya - unparalleled), Omnipresent, Formless, Conscious entity. Nothing equals Him. There is nothing which is similar or identical to Him.

Only the individual soul is an eternal conscious entity like Him, but the level or quality, or inherent potential of soul's consciousness differs. God is All-knowing eternally, but soul is limited-knowledge and its capacity to know has been always limited. There are many other similar attributes also between God and soul. So it is correct to say that nothing exactly matches with the description of Brahman (God). He is simply One and Unique - Ekam and Adviteeyam.

According to Vedic philosophy Brahman (= God) is a reality - an entity that really exists. Similarly, individual conscious souls (innumerable in human knowledge, but finite in God's knowledge), and matter (or the physical energy) in causal form or the basic material cause of the universe (Prakriti) are also the realities.

These three: (i) God (ii) Souls and (iii) Inert-unconscious Matter or Physical energy (called Prakriti) - are co-existing eternally. They are eternal, unborn and ever existing.

God has created this wonderful and most scientific world out of the Prakriti for the betterment of eternally existing souls.

God is infinite, endless (anant) - Omnipresent.
Uncreated eternally existing space (= empty space or void) is also endless (anant).
Souls are subtle - very minute - infinitesimally small.

The size or expanse of the created universe (= jagat or srushti) is definitely not endless. However vast it may be, but fundamentally it is finite (or insignificant) as compared with the endless vastness or omnipresence of God.

Modern science is a process of genuine search after truth or reality. Being human endeavor, it is bound to remain ever dynamic and changeful. Still it deserves genuine respect.

Bhavesh Merja