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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Oh man!I can't control my urogenital organs

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The five Yamas are "Satya,Ahinsa,Brahmacharya,asteya,aparigraha".

Out of them one is Brahmacharya.Brahmacharya means "abstinence from sex both mentally and physically,saving the semen,studying the four Vedas etc.".

It means that there should be no sexuality in a true Yogi.But the site says that you can't become Yogi without sex.It is completely against the Yog Darshan.So,those who can't control their penis and other urogenital organs are trying to preach Yog is incomplete without sex.Those persons who have some urogential problems must seek for a doctor.Sexuality with a partner can cause diseases in your body.Those diseases are called as Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STDs).They are Hepatitis-B,AiDS, etc.Most of them are incurable diseases.So,one should avoid sexuality with anybody.These kinds of Gurus are actually doing prostitutions,drinking wine,etc.Those human beings who want to live a happy life should not respect such bad persons.