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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

The true "Sleep"

Most of us sleep for more than 8 hours.When we wake up we are quite lazy and unable to rise up even from the bed.We fell tired.We are unable to open our eyes.Acutally,we are equating dream state to sleep state.

"Vedic philosophy of dreams and sleep"

Dreams=In the state of dreams whole body is not functioning,no stretch in any part of the body,only mind is thinking with pictures and sounds,sensory organs are not working.

Sleep=This state is almost similar to Dreaming state,but the mind is completely at rest.The mind is not thinking.There are not pictures,sounds and desires in the mind.In this state the body and the mind are completely at rest.

More energy is spent in thinking that physical work.So,in dreaming state we destroy a large amount of energy.In sleeping state,as the mind and body are not working no energy is lost.The energy obtained from the breaking of the organic bio-molecules in the cells is utilised in the cell division and differentiation.Hence,the body grows and develops.

After taking the true "Sleep" when we wake up,we have gigantic amount of energy to work with.We are feeling fresh.Our mind is light.We can think with a very fast speed than the previous.In this true "Sleep" state,we do not see any dream.So,no nocturnal emission is possible.

So,a man who goes in "Sleep state sacrificing "Dreaming state" has high energy,enthusiasm,muscle strensth,glowing white face and body,good thinking speed,higher intellect etc.