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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Soul's power

You have listened about mental and physical power from a doctor.But you have not heard about soul's power.More than 90% of the world does not believe in the existence of the soul.Mental power refers to the power of brain while physical to the body.But as the brain is a part of our body you have only heard about the physical power.You are the soul.You cannot be the body.Because the body is made up of atoms and atoms are not alive.So,it is certain that you are the soul.Your body can be powerful but are you powerful?By the word "you" I mean "your soul".You may have build up your muscles or you have found some memory techniques.You may have developed your body.But have you developed yourself.Our whole life span is spent in developing our homes,gardens,dining room,bed room,our cars,scooters etc. but very few concentrates on themselves.As more than ninty percent of the world does not believe in the existence of the soul those very few persons by the term "I" refers to their body.Hence they also cannot develop their body.After sometime you have to leave your body.Because death is inevitable.When you took birth your soul or you were undeveloped.When you leaved the body you remained undeveloped.Couldn't you try to develop yourself?

In order to develop one's soul,he or she should practice to speak the truth.99.9999% people cannot speak the truth due to many reasons.They cannot speak because they will be caught.They cannot speak because others will be benefited.They cannot speak because they will have to face the death.There so many reasons why people cannot speak the truth.But the soul is developed only when you speak the truth.People fear to speak the truth.People do not respect the truth.If you have to develop your soul's muscles you should practice to speak the truth.I have used the word "practice".Because you never spoke any kind of truth.

Calculate how many times you say is the truth.Is it 90% or 60% or below 30%?You would realise you rarely speak the truth.Also,do not just calculate your own perecentage,but also calculate the percentage of the others.You will realise that you should not believe any human being.

Sh jvb ji Its good that you

Sh jvb ji

Its good that you have raised a topic which has a practical importance. The human body is extremely complex. Each individual has a tailor made mind, which can be understood by the individual itself. So complex is this mind that the individual is not ready to accept the thoughts of other person, howmuch true they may be. However our Rishis have developed various ways by following which this mind can be controlled. After it is controlled, the true knowledge of Vedas can be grasped. Only after this initializing one can be expected to realize, what is soul, what is this universe & what is that which brings the whole of Brahmand to move in such a cohesive way that it makes each living being or the soul to enjoy its BLISS.

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Great Ananad ji.

Great Ananad ji.