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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Very sad news for us

I have read in many types of schools hindi medium and english medium both.The environment in the schools is not good.The parents think that their children are getting higher education from their schools.It is their false belief.They are getting completely different things from the schools.Generally,there are 8 periods during the school time each of 30-45 minutes.The girls and boys are in the same class.When the teacher is a male,boys look at the girls of that class and girls too look at the boys.This is the general belief of todays persons who are somewhat sensitive to our religious morals.But this belief is only somewhat correct.The events in the schools are quite terrible.The girls are looking at the teacher with bad eyes.When the teacher is a female,the boys look at her with bad eyes.I am not saying false,but it is the true picture of our modern schhols.I have experienced it in my life.I also had doubt about it,but when I observed the movements in the class seriously,all doubts got cleared.The boys and girls do not go to the schools for getting the education but for their love.They do not have any interest for getting education.But why do the students go to the school?I asked one of my friends.He replied"if I"d become a CA or MBA or IITian then I"d have a lot of money.I will spent all of it in buying lustful clothes,lustorous watch,glasses,car,house etc.".I moved on.

On the second day I asked my another friend"why do you want to study?".He said"so that I can meet my love in the college".

On the third day both of my friends showed me some pictures of the girls present in some college.They said that they really want to join that college only.I were laughing in my heart.

So,the moral of the sotry is that the boys and girls in the schools and the colleges are destroying their health.On one day,I got a mobilephone of my friend.I started looking into its folders.The folders did not contain anything except music and pictures.While vacant time,the students in the class see those pictures.They laugh very ridiculously by looking at those pictures.They feel that theyt have bloked all of the thoughts of the mind i.e.chittprasadanam(Yog).My friends hold my pant and pull it down with their hands.After this,they laugh.They say that they will do this work with a girl out of the class.

No teacher is concentrating on such problems of the schools.Instead you will find in your morning newspaper a teacher raped his girl student.If you don't find it,please read it carefully.There is no kind of civilisation among these so-called young generation i.e. youngistann.

I:-Our great and religious Prime Minister the greatest saint(according to Shri Digvijayji)the Manmohan Singhji.As he is a great saint I should call him Maharshi Manmohanji.This great Maharshi cannot concentrate on the character of his new generation.He cannot make a law against sex addiction of the college student even when he is having all of the powers.But our Rishi-Munis cannot say false which is against Vedas.So I think that Vedas say to have sex in the student life and meet your love before marriage.But I couldn't find any hymn of the Vedas ordering it.So I think that the present Vedas are also corrupted.But Rishi Manmohan ji has discovered the Vedas in its original form.Can he explain to us how did the God originated the Vedas in his heart?

Truth:-Dear I
Manmohan is not any Rishi.But our beloved Digvijay has left control from his tongue.His tongue is like that of frog which is taking every flying organisms into his mouth.

I:-But what should I do to stop him?

Truth:-Why do you want to stop him?

I:-Because when I listen to his pious preaches my blood flows with the speed of light.My heart beats a lakh times in one second.I cannot control my legs and hands.I start moving my hands very fastly uncontrolled.My face become red.My skull goes up by disconnecting from the body with lava under it.My voice becomes like that of the lion.What should I do?

Truth:-The only solution to your problem is that you should cut the neck of your "dukh-karan" in a very gentle manner.

I:-But my "dukh-karan" is not only him but all of the bad organisms.How can I do that?

Truth:-Well!You can take the help of other young-men.

I:-But the other young-men are busy in finding their loves in the colleges.

Truth:-Well!It seems impossible to kill the entities.

I:-But the "Lord of death" will take my soul into the hell where the hounds will eat my soul because I did not follow his order.

Truth:-You should run away from here.

I:-He is everywhere.

Truth:-Ask forgiveness.

I:-He can't.


Hey!Could you solve my problem please?