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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Never speak the false

The basic frame of the Vedic religion is the truth.The Vedic religion cannot be imagined without thr truth.The truth has to undergo some tests so that we can be satisfied.The Vedic religion says that one must always speak the truth and he must never speak the untruth.He should speak truth to anybody to which he speaks.He should never think of speaking false even in his dreams.But some persons are of the view that they should never speak the untruth.They that they should always speak the untruth.The what is the benefit in speaking?Why have you been provided with a mouth and the throat?Just to speak anything which false?Can't your mind become somewhat pure to know something.An impure mind should be compared to latrine.And it can be cmpared to latrine.Because an impure mind can give even worst than the latrine.An element is obtained from an impure ore.The ore is too impure.We can't use it.If we will use it,it will certainly harm us.Similarly,a pure mind should be obtained from an impure mind.We should remove the impurities by some processes.You may have studied extraction of elements in Chemistry.The extraction method is too complex.If it is very complex even to obtain an element which need not to be useful to us,then it is certain that mind extraction is a too hard and daunting task.But it not impossible to obtain a pure mind.Hard practice and austerity will help to obtain it.Once you have achieved purity of mind,you cannot speak false.You should also think "isn't speaking false impurity"?If it is impure then it means that you are decaying and rottening.

A good man never speaks the false.He always speaks the truth.Some persons are having pride that they are bad.Well!What can be more stupidity than this?This is more stupid act than eating latrine.