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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

शुद्धात्मा बालक का ईश्वर प्रत्यक्ष - Direct cognigence of Ishwar during childhood

शुद्धात्मा नवयुवक को बाल्यावस्था में ईश्वर प्रत्यक्ष होता है। -- विद्वान को संकेत ही पर्याप्त है .

ॐ.. इस विषय

ॐ.. इस विषय में चिन्तन कीजिये ।

No.Because in order to

No.Because in order to realise the God one has to know its qualities first.After knowing it,he should do jap of "Om".After a long period and due to his hard practice of Yam and niyam,he will realise.Such a thing cannot be in childhood.Because it takes too long time to find the proof of the God according to science and logics.He will have to first study the non-living entities.Then only he can guess that there is God.But its "sakshatkaar" again is a too long proceess.Language=>General Science=>Mathematics=>Higher Science=>anuman of the God=>knowing qualities by science=>Jap=>Ishwar Sakshatkar.

ॐ..Namaste vinay

ॐ..Namaste vinay brother,
this proves that you hadn't done jaap of Gayatri mantra in childhood. There are many types of ishwar pratyaksh mentioned in sp. This one can be called an add-on.

I never said that I were a

I never said that I were a theist in my childhood.I have said many times that I were an atheist.Because I had listened to wrong qualities of the God.I did not do any jap of the name of the God.Because I thought that the God cannot exist.Because I had never seen him.Which is the page number of the Satyarth prakash in which it is mentioned that a child has already realised the God without any Yogabhyas?I would be happy if you would tell me.Because I do not think that I remember every page of it.Some pages may have missed through my eyes.But I wonder how can a child be pure?Because a child is too ignorant.An ignorant mind cannot be pure.There are many children who say that they remember their previous life.But if you ask them how were you feeling when you were taken out of the womb of your mother,theny can't reply to you.We can't remember even this life so we should leave recalling the previous.You couldn't understand my short formula which is as follows:

Language=>General Science=>Mathematics=>Higher Science=>anuman of the God=>knowing qualities by science=>Jap=>Ishwar Sakshatkar.

It means that a child will have to learn language first.Because without language he cannot understand what does the word "Om" mean?If before learning language he will do the jap it will only mean that he is only speaking the word "Om" only.Because the child has not devloped till this point his thinking capability.After learning language,he will have to know the general science such as fire,water,food,rain etc.Because without knowing about these,one cannot think of the God.If he says that he has seen the God without looking at the nature,it would mean that he is false.After several years he will realise the God.

ॐ..I haven't said that it

ॐ..I haven't said that it is mentioned in satyarth prakash. I said this can be called an add on - an update to the chapter where different types of Ishwar pratyaksh is written. By the word child i didn't mean very little child. These kind of ishwar pratyaksh happens only in religious background . This is the matter of heart not the matter of learning mathematics. I got this idea from the introduction of satyarth prakash by Vishwadev shastri ji.

I recall one mantra of

I recall one mantra of Kathopnishad.In which,Yamacharya says to nachiketa"the god can be realised only by those who have very high intellect(medha buddhi)".So,should we discard the words of Upnishad.I advise you to study kathopnishad part 1,2 and 3 carefully.

ॐ..It is mentioned in RVBB

ॐ..It is mentioned in RVBB in hindi that ishwar can be found in heart. In upanishad also it is mentioned that 'Bidhyate HRIDAY GRANTHISCH . . ' Yes, I believe that continous practice of seeking the truth leads to Ishwar.

ॐ..Maharshi dayanand used

ॐ..Maharshi dayanand used to teach people to recite Gayatri Mantra. I think he had realized ishwar by doing jaap of Gayatri Mantra.

ॐ..btw there are many

ॐ..btw there are many verses of upanishads which is rejected by dayanand ji.

Dear Basant Swami Dayanand

Dear Basant
Swami Dayanand Saraswatiji considered only 11 upanishadas to be true other 97 to be false.The Jap has no result if the "sadhak" does not know its meaning.And one needs somewhat brain to understand its meaning.I do not say that Jap cannot help in Ishwar Sakshtatkar.Yog darshan also says that Jap helps in Ishwar Sakhsatkar.But it should be done with meaning.

ॐ..Dear vinay , 1. I have

ॐ..Dear vinay ,
1. I have already said that ishwar pratyaksh happens in childhood in religious background only. Father can give knowledge of gayatri mantra with its meaning to the boy- I have used the word NAVYUVAK . After that there happens few happenings when the need of ishwar is realized. The jap of gayatri mantra increases attention and makes the memory sharp. One day the boy realizes Ishwar.
2.Read satyarth prakash once again you will know where maharshi refuted verses from upanishads.

ॐ..Doctor ki avashyakta

ॐ..Doctor ki avashyakta use hi hoti hai jo rugna ho, use nahi jo swasth ho. Isi prakar yogabhyas , yam niyam jaise shabdon ki avashyakta use hi hoti hai jo ayogi ho na ki use jo prakriti ki chhatrachhaya mein yogi ho