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कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम्

Impossible events about Swami Dayanand Saraswati

In the book "Navjagaran ke purodha" by Shri Bhawani Lal Bhartiyaji,there are some events which I think that they are impossible.In one event,it is said that on one day,Swamiji were teaching the students in the Gurukul.He suddenly ordered the students to go out of the rooms.All went out.And a heavy wind came which destroyed the the room.It is said in the book that Swami ji was able to know the future with the power of Yog.But the same man in his book "Satyarth Prakash" says that nobody can know hi or others future.Please verify this event whether it is real or not.

please quote exact place,

please quote exact place, where these quotes can be seen in both the books.

I read these events many

I read these events many days before so I have forgotten the exact place.But I have found other places which I think are not right.You should see page no. 172 of "Najagaran ke purodha", second paragraph starting from "yogdarshan me jin vibhutiyo ki charcha hui hai....." to "....ka jyan inhe kaise hua?"I think that the above siddhi is not possible.Because in the 11th Sammulas of Satyarth while giving rebuttals to Shankaracharyas faith page 276,third paragraph starting from"aur mathura me jis............" to "ko khand-khand kar diya."Swamiji writes "aur ke dekhe ka jyan aur ko nahi hota hai."

The event of Swamiji telling

The event of Swamiji telling the pupils to leave the room was an example of a Yogi's higher capabilities, who can sense the things much beyond the range of an ordinary person. So there is no ambiguity in this. and this is not the same as the foretelling of future by Jyotishis. As we know many animals & birds have much higher sensitivity to sense the calamities like earthquakes than the human being. So we need not doubt about the higher capabilities of a Yogi.and not mix the two things togather.